A Military Pause (A 'Chase the Myth' side-story)

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A Military Pause (A 'Chase the Myth' side-story)

Aflima, Warrior of Fire
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"Captain Rashford!"

"Yes?" the firm-jawed man said as he turned.

"Hero approaching," said the lieutenant, his arm pointing to the west.

"Very well, let's get an update,' came the response as the twosome made their way to the deck of the aircraft carrier.


Aboard the HMS Duke of Cambridge, Aflima was in a rapidly-moving discussion with one of the captains of the British fleet on contingency and evacuation of Bermuda and relaying the info to other islands in the Atlantic Basin.

"We don't have the capacity to evacuate all sixty thousand residents. Cannot BADGE spare any vessels?" asked Rashford in exasperation.

"I think BADGE is concentrating its support force on the 'mainland', Captain," sighed Aflima as he stretched his neck. "The floating arena is far closer to land. And unfortunately, since the Brits and Americans triggered the complete disintegration of most comms -"

"We aren't responsible for the actions of a madwoman!" Rashford was losing his cool at being reminded of the disregard by the military of Director Nova's advice, and his lieutenant was on the verge of putting a hand to the shoulder of his superior officer.

" - most of the support ships, aircraft and personnel, outside of the leagues, are pretty much going in blind and deaf. If you'll listen for a minute -"

"YOU just wait one minute!" the captain continued.

"Don't. Be. Rash," said Aflima as he put up a finger and grinned. The lieutenant groaned at the attempted pun on the captain's name.

Aflima continued, "Listen. I'd really not take up more time than what's needed. My team needs me. This Red Woman, she's dangerous as living hell and I'm of way better use trying to help keep her in check than getting involved in political to-and-fro, but there are a ton of innocent lives that need protection. I've been able to reach Agent Squires, formerly of BADGE, and she's going to have three or four choppers in the area within the hour. It's possible she may be able to get ahold of the Portuguese contingent but they're a good 200 miles to the northeast. Can we be in position to evac the island before things get really out of hand?"

Captain Rashford rubbed his chin. "Depending on the numbers and if we can get comms working, there's a shot."

Aflima nodded. "Good. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a chance to match fire against fire. Good luck."

The naval officers waved as Aflima took flight and sped away, leaving in his wake a trail of fire and smoke.

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