A SHC League War Story

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A SHC League War Story

Toon: Vol Kana (AJ Slade)
Id: 11074

I was known as Keuka in August 2011, a member of the Guard Dogs.
~ ~ ~

The clock tower in Superhero City would soon strike midnight.  Keuka moved in and out of the shadows.  She needed to stay calm, keep her wits, and slowly but steadily approach her objective.
“Where is 4-Ever?” she softly whispered.    

~ ~ ~

It seemed like days ago but in reality just a few short hours when she mentioned her plan to Bigfoot, the leader of the Guard Dogs.  Bigfoot knew there were safer ways to help them secure victory.  
“I think Dark Avenger could power up and take Ultimate.  JW could power up and take out Sargeant Osirius and Bluckette.  Plus with Helloffite DTing the whole team will give us a win, don’t use your MPs unless this plan doesn’t work.” Bigfoot stated flatly.  Experience taught him to always have a Plan B and sometimes a Plan C.

“Look, Keuka, I can’t tell you not to use your MPs.” he continued with a slight smile.  Deep inside he knew she had made up her mind.  She would power up and wait until the last possible moment to attack giving [EVO] Essentials no chance to counter-attack.  And if she failed it would be certain defeat.  

“And one last thing, when I attacked, I had +490% mod for my base 1000 agility” he added as Keuka turned and headed to the door.  

The battle raged into the night with each side jabbing and looking for a weakness.  JW powered up and DTed the Sarge moving the Guard Dogs closer.  Helloffite completed his attacks.  EVO didn’t sit still either as the Sarge came back to DT Red Lighting.  

The score stood tied 69 to 69.

The night became still.  And like the calm before the storm, the tension built inside of Keuka.  She needed to decide.  A cold chill swept through the air, lingered for a moment, before moving on.  The Guard Dogs scout, 4-Ever, had been feeding information back to the team by infiltrating the EVO HQ.  She was quietly scanning and monitoring various stats and energy usage.  And she was prepared to attack so that Keuka would know exactly what to expect.    

Keuka decided on the Lazarus Pit Pass, knowing that one would not be enough, she got two.   The +10 damage was the deciding factor; she needed those points.  Keuka continued to build her strength, Scorch as her main attack but picked up a few Turbine Cannons for some extra kick.  Her defenses and movement required no changes as she had already powered them up when Kromella was active.  Keuka visited some old fiends to limber up and to recover some of her expenses.   The Elite Bosses II provided at good test for her newly acquired powers.  

It was time.

~ ~ ~

“Where is 4-Ever?” Keuka whispered softly to herself.    

She quickened her pace - her com-link crackled with static as 4-Ever fed the coordinates.  It was 11:58 pm.
“You’re not scouting for me.  I’m going in blind.   We can’t give them any warning that I’m coming” Keuka firmly told 4-Ever.

“You are out of you frelling mind” retorted 4-Ever and continued “Let me DO MY JOB.”

“No, we don’t have time” countered Keuka as she jumped into the EVO squad room.  

The next 74 seconds would tell the story – victory or defeat.

Keuka spied BlackGlare monitoring the battle computers and quickly attacked.  Her cannons came to life with no effect and his counter attack sent her against the wall - defeated.

With blood roaring through her ears - clouding her thoughts,  out of the corner of her eye stood El Nino, she launched herself with quickness and  fury - he had no chance.  

The score stood 71 to 70 with 11 seconds remaining.  It was over.

The clock completed its twelfth chime and a new day.  BlackGlare could now DTed Keuka but it didn’t matter.  Keuka and 4-Ever quickly scramble from their foe’s lair returning to the Guard Dogs HQ with a 1 point win.