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Butcher Shop Gazette - Post League War 15 Breakdown

Reporting Live from League Wars 15 this is your favorite Reporter Stella Virgin.
 Scaredy Cat, Scaredy Cat, look and see, was the taunt that went out before the start of this seasons League War began, the response was Epic! Seventy-Six leagues fought in a display of bravery and competitiveness over a thirteen division battlefield. Hear are some of the outcomes of the event.

In Division 1 Chaos Rules and Wins the Gold. . .  
Will anyone ever be able to bring order to this division again? Anything might go but Chaos rules over both the Orderly and the Freak’s without check.

In Division 2 crime is out of control as villains have incorporated to go 3 and 0, whipping anyone who challenges them. Not even brutes can withstand these Evil villains!

In Division 3 we witnessed some closer matches as Guardians and Angels alike took on Area 51s Colony, but when penguins cross the ice S*** gets real!

Division 4 had its moments, we saw some very close battles and some runaways, but at the end of the day no one could overcome the Fortress of Solitude. How long will despair reign?

Division 5 displayed some Freaky stuff. There was pooh flying and some strange foreign rituals. At one-point Kilts were pulled down, followed by a hard to watch spanking. I mean we should have trusted the omens when we all saw that Bad Moon Rising.

What can I say about Division 6. The Deck was Stacked from the beginning. Not even an STD can stop these guys.

Division 7 was strait crazy! It felt more like the wild west. Members of Dismember could not seem to break into the Warehouse no matter how hard they tried. Karaoke normally works but they needed something out of this world as they quickly learned from the Star Force team. Still no matter what anyone tried The Dead just wouldn’t stay in the ground and walked all over the competition. 51 takes their 2nd Gold of League wars 15.

Division 8 started out as another Freak Show, but when the guys from Cobra Kai came on the seen the night ended up with the Bomb Squad being called. It’s all fun and games until someone calls in a Bomb threat, then S*** gets real, quick!

Division 9 came down to two heavy hitters. The Overlords of S.O.B vs. Bomb Squad 2. It looks like the guys at Overlord just complied with the authorities and will take their grievances to court.

In Division 10 the planets and star’s aligned bringing 9 Planets back into Orbit. What repercussion will these recurring phenomena have on Division 10? I cannot wait to find out. In the meantime, No one seems to be able to stop this team from collecting belts.

Division 11 was maybe the slowest of all division fights. Legion changed their name to Los Jefes aka. “The Bosses” and won the division without breaking a sweat, thanks to their patented (what some call cheap) tactics. Still no laws were broken and once again they walked away with the belt.

Division 12 had it all. There was Fried Squid, Mystics were slayed by Angels, Political parties fell apart in Green rooms, but to top it all off some Kitty’s stumbled into the Society of Butchers young Nest of Vipers and were slayed.

Finally, Division 13 showcased Good vs. Evil. A Devilish dozen, Purgatory, Penitentiaries, and Musketeer’s. But the S.O.B crew takes their second Gold of LW 15 by tapping into an old villain from the 80’s. Team Cobra left no one standing on there way to prove that S.O.B’s first gold win in LW14 was not a fluke. These guys are getting stronger and stronger.

So, what will the future hold for League Wars? Will Exploits be fixed? Will new Leagues emerge? Will Harry ever meet Sally? One thing is for certain what ever happens we will be here, Live and on scene with the latest news.

This is Stella Virgin – “Keeping it real”
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