Butcher Shop Gazette: Post League War News!

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Butcher Shop Gazette: Post League War News!

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Butcher Shop Gazette: Post League War News!

The “Society of Butchers” has always been willing to take in free players and teach them the ropes of being a Hero. How fitting then that they win there very first Gold with a league that is made up of free and low budget toons. Consisting of brand-new players to Heroes Rising along with some veterans fielding their free mini’s, the motto for this LW for “Free City” was “You need 3 Attack wins to qualify for rewards”. . .  Little did they know that they would be the team to break that glass ceiling for SOB. Now with the return of old veterans from SHC and Long time Veterans of HR all coming back together, is this the start of a new era?

Nest of Vipers took Silver fighting against (cough, cough) the odds in D11.
Free City took on D10 and in their first ever League War and Won Gold for the first time in SOB history!
ØVɆⱤⱠØⱤĐ Fighting in their first ever LW took Silver in D8.
MΞΛTL♢CKΣR Fielding a new team, was forced to fight their own in D7, placing 3rd for the Bronze.
Members of Dismember A veteran Team also in D7 took Silver.
Hunter / Killer in D4 took Bronze.

Netting 1 Gold, 3 Silvers and 2 Bronze metals! What will the future hold for the “Society of Butchers”? Is this just the beginning of there rise or the pinnacle. Only Time will tell!

On a special note, congrats and thank you to everyone who fought in League Wars. While there was some controversy, you are the ones who make it all worth it! Thank you for your diligence and effort. We hope to see you all again next League Wars.

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