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Chaoren: First day

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Kong Wayne was the name of the Chinese American on his way home from work in San Francisco.
 Technically it should be Huan, but when his ancestors came here it was anglicized to Wayne.  He was a fairly normal guy, he was attending college while working to pay his way, so he did not have to borrow much.  He even took part in a secret experiment once, to try to create artificial morphons to create superhumans under controlled conditions.  That had failed, all the subjects remained stubbornly normal, but the pay had been pretty good.

So there he was, on the way home from work, when suddenly there was a crack like a gun right in front of him and this guy dressed all in black appeared out of nowhere and waved a gun in his face.  Without thinking, Kong raised his hands as if to push the guy away, and push away he did.  A beam of blue light sprang from Kong's hands and thrust him backward about fifteen feet.  

Confused and rather frightened by what was going on, Kong ran away.  Boy did he run, he passed several cars speeding down the street like they were standing still.

He slowed and started walking down the street, noticing as he did that his senses were jacked up.  He could see in the early evening light like it was mid-day and his hearing and sense of smell were as much improved.  

A few moments later, his senses returned to normal.  He tried running, but it was only his normal gait.  His powers had vanished as mysteriously as they appeared.

Later, he headed to his late class for the day.  Near the spot where he was attacked, another dark figure loomed and threatened him.  As he replied to the threat, his body felt filled with energy.  The figure revealed himself as Director Nova of B.A.D.G.E. and invited Kong to go with him to New Amsterdam for testing and training.

It seems that the experiment had indeed worked on Kong, but his powers required a trigger to function.  Indeed, the trigger has two parts, he must be in the vicinity of a person with Morphon abilities, and he also must be in a condition that would trigger his limbic system's "Fight or Flight" response.  Nova sent out messages to track down the others involved to see if they had similar powers requiring triggering.

What that meant is that he would need a partner, someone with active Morphon powers to work with him.   Nova contacted Timebender, who could summon time clones...which allows him to be more than one place at a time.  That would enable him to always be with Kong until he learned some other way to activate his power, while still being able to be involved in his own normal activities.

Picking the name Chaoren and designing a costume with the help of B.A.D.G.E., Kong set out to test his abilities and their limits.  Either his powers were growing fast, or he was learning how to control them quickly, as he was soon able to hold his own against minor heroes and villains with more practice.  Not all of them, but many.

Timebender brought him to the Timefold, his base, and introduced him to the group he has training there.    He even placed him in charge he he attends to things elsewhere.  He figures the responsibility will make Chaoren nervous enough that it will keep his powers active.
Timebender ID#10897