Collaborative Fan-Fiction: Channel Surfing (Open to all)

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Collaborative Fan-Fiction: Channel Surfing (Open to all)

Silver Paladin
As superhero comic fans, I am sure that most players of Heroes Rising have seen, heard of, or watched WandaVision.

Let's have fun with that premise.

Write a snippet of a day in your characters or leagues daily life as if they were living it in a popular television drama of the past. Give us the title of the show and then delve into their new world.

Some initial ideas could be:

Your league as characters in a medical or police drama: St. Knowhere; New Amsterdam, New Amsterdam; Law and Order: Super Powered Unit...

Classic Comedy: I Love X; Two Heroes, A Villain, and a Coffee Shop; Antarctic B&G; Leave it to Midgardsormr...

A game show: Nova's Shuffle, The Price is Morphons, Fearless Factor...

A reality show. A science fiction space drama. A self-help program. The stage is yours.

No need to be perfect, just have fun with creating and describing your characters in a new, and hopefully, entertaining way.

(Please use good taste. Be funny but not unkind.)
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Re: Collaborative Fan-Fiction: Channel Surfing (Open to all)

Silver Paladin
New on Tuesday Nights: New Amsterdam Legal

A new client arrives in the law offices of The Star Force. He walks up to the receptionist’s desk. “Hello, I need to talk to an attorney.”

“What is your problem?” Prysmatica asks. Dressed in a flattering, multi-colored dress, she is beautiful and exotic with her rich Italian accent.

“I’m being sued,” a middle-aged man replies. “But it isn’t my fault.”

“Just a moment please,” Prysmatica says as she flips her long blue hair over her shoulder and lifts the phone receiver to her ear. “Mr. Tempest, we have a man here looking for representation in—”

A crash of thunder announces the arrival of the Infinite Tempest at the front desk. Known throughout the office as the most temperamental attorney at the firm, the front office clears of bystanders. They cover their heads with binders and paper as if expecting rain to fall from the ceiling.

“What can I do for you, sir.” The Infinite Tempest asks. “Who do you need me hit with a lightning bolt on the golf course?”

The middle-aged man stares wide-eyed at the blue-skinned attorney.

“I’m sorry. Did I say lightning bolt? That’s my three o’clock appointment. My mistake.” Infinite Tempest holds his hands up in apology. “… I’m sorry. Let’s start over. Who is suing you and why?”

The middle-aged man holds out a manila envelope filled with legal documents to Infinite Tempest. “Well, um. Have you ever heard of Wolfram and Hart?”

“Those jokers? Are they trying to do business back in our dimension again…” Infinite Tempest tuts. “What are they up to this time?” He pulls out the cover page of the papers and reads it. “They claim you damaged their client’s property when you last visited their place of business.” Infinite Tempest smiles widely. “You demolished half the building. I’m impressed.”

Prysmatica gasps as a shocked look crosses her face. “He destroyed half the building?” She gives the new client a curious look, taking note of his thin physique and mild manner. “How?”

“That’s the problem. It wasn’t me. I mean it sort of was, but there is this medical condition I have from a workplace accident several years ago.” The middle-aged man shuffles his feet uncomfortably in place. “It’s caused some uncontrollable anger issues when I am triggered.”

“Ahhh,” Infinite Tempest nods. “Sounds like we will need the old ‘Someone else was in my pants’ defense. We might need to call in one of our specialists for your case, Mr? I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name…”

“It’s Bruce.”

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Re: Collaborative Fan-Fiction: Channel Surfing (Open to all)

STAR TRUCK  - The Garbage Route


Silver Paladin as Captain

Catalyst as First Office Specs

Highlander as the Engineer

Diamond Ruby Sapphire as Doctor Crasher

Lykos as Commander Wart, Chief of Security

Chained Angel as Lt. Commander Damn ‘Em, an android

Black Winter as Helmsman Napoleon Solo

Infinite Tempest as Ensign Beastly Crasher

Arcane Ace as Yeoman Brand X


Location: The bridge of the garbage scow STAR FORCE, Designation BR-549 B (A was damaged; B is on loan from the rental company Enterprise)

CAPTAIN – Helm, set a course for Romulus. We’re a day behind on our route.

ENGINEER – Captain, I’m a-giving her everything she’s got! I canna give no more, Sir!

CAPTAIN – Mr. Specs, why does he have that accent?

MR. SPECS – He believes he’s Scottish, Captain.

CAPTAIN – Doctor Crasher, do you think you need to examine our engineer?

DR. CRASHER – Dammit, Captain, I’m a doctor, not an anthropologist! I can only do so much.

CAPTAIN – (sighs) What’s this?

YEOMAN BRAND X – I need you to sign this, Captain.

CAPTAIN – I see that. What is it?

YEOMAN – It’s an Etch-a-Sketch, Sir.

CAPTAIN – An. Etch. A. Sketch?

YEOMAN – Yessir.

CAPTAIN looks questioningly at MR. SPECS, who shrugs his shoulders and raises an eyebrow.

MR. SPECS – Highly illogical, Captain. We have an engineer with an identity crisis -

ENGINEER SCOTSMAN – I’m givin’ her everythin’ she’s got, Captain!!

MR. SPECS - A grumpy country doctor -


MR. SPECS – A helmsman with a Napoleonic complex, despite being too simple to have anything complex -

HELMSMAN SOLO – Steady as she goes, Major … er, Sergeant … no, Captain?

MR. SPECS – A yeoman running around with a child’s toy getting worthless signatures -

CAPTAIN – Since when is my signature worthless?

MR. SPECS – I was merely suggesting -

ENSIGN BEASTLY CRASHER – Unknown object five kilometers off starboard, Captain!

CAPTAIN – Mr. Specs?

MR. SPECS – Saturn, sir.

CAPTAIN – It can’t be Saturn. We left the Sol system hours ago.

MR. SPECS – Not the planet, Captain. It’s a 2005 Saturn.

COMMANDER WART – Recommend we go to Red Alert, sir.

CAPTAIN – Why? It’s a compact ... or sub-compact at the most. Yellow alert, maybe. But. Not. Red. Definitely. Not. Red.

ANDROID COMMANDER DAMN ‘EM – I estimate only a .00005 percent chance of contact, Captain.

MR. SPECS – Your calculations are slightly off, Mr. Damn ‘em.

DAMN ‘EM – I disagree, Commander Specs. My pot smoking net is nearly infallible.

DOCTOR CRASHER – Specs, that blasted machine is a lot smarter than you are!

MR. SPECS – Doctor, I find your response to be highly emotional and illogical.



CAPTAIN – I. Need. A. Drink.

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Re: Collaborative Fan-Fiction: Channel Surfing (Open to all)

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Living Super (Don't call this 'Friends')


"Can you give me a lively, super-hip look... but totally business professional?" asked Rosa with a big smile on her face. She was seated facing a mirror. Behind her, Allyson fiddled with a hair pin before grabbing a thick brush. She twirled it rapidly.

"Um, you're going in for a job interview," Allyson deadpanned.

"But the love of my life could be there," Rosa complained.

"You're not interviewing to coach Zumba lessons, dear... and besides you need to get the job first..."

She threw a towel over Rosa's head, causing a shriek.

"Secondly, bring home a paycheck, we need the rent..."

Rosa chucked the towel at Allyson, who ducked.

"Then, you can find the love of your life," Allyson said as she grabbed a tub of styling gel.

Suddenly, Power Bottom appeared in the room. "Did someone say lovvvvvve?..."

"P.B.! No teleporting in the bedroom! One of us could've been naked!"

"Oh come on, nothing I haven't seen before... and besides that, nothing that *I'd* be interested in anyway," he scoffed in return.

The door to the room burst open and in stormed an aggravated Devra, hair dissheveled and fists clenched tightly. She took her lab coat off and hurled it at the wall.

"Whoa," whispered Power Bottom.

"What happened?" asked Rosa and Allyson at the same time.

"Ooh, everything! I cannot get this nanotech project functioning the way I want it to,... then the CEO says they're unwilling to approve any future grant without anything tangible!... and then that fire-wielding buddy of yours struts around to rub my face in it!" shouts Devra.

"Now we're talking! How handsome did he look today?" interjected Power Bottom.

"Not now," chided Rosa as she got up and walked to Devra. She took Devra's hands in her own.

"I don't know why the two of you are always at each other's throats,... but he's one of my best friends, and you're my roommate. Can we try to be civil?"

Devra huffed, folding her arms.

The doorbell rings, and Rosa walks out of the room.

"I think my godpa was supposed to come by today," says Rosa cheerfully.

"Cool," agrees Allyson.

Devra appeared unmoved, but she is pushed gingerly by Power Bottom to walk to the living room.

Rosa opens the door to see her godpa, Tri-blade. Behind him is their mutual friend Aflima, who's grinnng broadly.

"Oh come on!" groans Devra loudly.

"Um, nice to see you, Devra?" responds Tri-blade quizzically.

"Sorry. I was reacting to the demon lucking behind your shoulder. Shall I get some ice water and maybe a stake?"

"Why Dev, it's nice to see you in that perpetual state of rage. It goes lovely with your outfit," cooed Aflima as he stepped in through the doorway.

Devra lunged forward, but was immediately immobilized, her arms thrust forward as if to grab Aflima by the throat. Aflima laughed, then was levitated off the ground and pressed towards a wall.

"Wow, your T.K. has really picked up," said Tri-blade.

"No... fair... I'm the only non-supe here... put me down, Rosa... Now."

"Only if you behave."

"Let them go," suggested Allyson. We gotta go meet Alba at the pub in 10 minutes, maybe Tri and Aflima will join us?"

"Me too!" cried Power Bottom.

"Of course," said Allyson as she took P.B.'s arm. "What say you guys?"

"Be delighted to," replied Tri-blade.

"Go on ahead," sulked Devra. "Maybe I'll link up later."

"You better," said Allyson.

Rosa, Allyson, Tri-blade, Power Bottom and Aflima exited the apartment. Devra found the armchair and collapsed with a sigh.

"Dropped my wallet, where is it," came Aflima's voice. He walked into the room.

"With a sound of thunder, the lights quickly flickered then went out.



"Sorry, I tripped on something," said Aflima, just as the lights came back on.

Aflima, after stumbling, was laid across Devra's lap. Their faces were inches apart. They stared into each other's eyes.

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