Contest Entry- Halloween - House to house

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Contest Entry- Halloween - House to house

Krystal Fae (Acidburn)
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Krystal was near the back of an outrageously long line, patiently waiting her turn to gather what was rumored to be morphon-infused treats at Director Nova's house.

She'd seen many heroes happily walking away once they had been to the door.

She did think it was a bit odd, given the traditional way the fae 'celebrated' Samhain, that these adult heroes were joining in the costumed revelry, but she was certain that extra power would be needed at some point, and the confections certainly would help then.

As she watched with interest, a figure well known to her from her time in the SHC dimension, Fuma Hanzo, headed to the back of the line once again, assumed a new form, and waited.

She knew that this would be futile, she had designed the power signature readers for the neighborhood herself.  

She shook her head wryly, and considered telling Hanzo not to waste his time, but he had a determined look about him, so she just stepped forward as the line approached the door.

Curiously, after her turn at the door, she decided to see the fate Hanzo brought upon himself.  As 'she' approached and the door was opened, a flashing light and a pinging sound indicated that the power-signature matched a previous visitor.  Nova opened the door, checked an indicator, and said, "Hanzo... you have all you need for now from me, go try somewhere else..."

Krystal grinned, and turned her path to the next house... Gar was supposed to have some good stuff, she'd heard...
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