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Contest Entry: Treats, Trix, & Thanx

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Contest Entry: Treats, Trix, & Thanx by ChameleoN ID: 21988
So it was Halloween season and Director Nova needed some help fighting Spirit of Halloween.

ChameleoN did the best he could in the Raid against Spirit of Halloween, and together with the fight of several other heroes and villains the Spirit of Halloween was defeated.

After the battle and raid ChameleoN thought why is Spirit of Halloween a villain? Let's face it Halloween season is a time a fun and joy and happiness and good experiences with family and friends. Never being scared or afraid of the Spirit of Halloween, instead ChameleoN invites the Spirit into his home. The Spirit of Halloween helps family and friends decorate their homes with festive colorful decorations, helps to give out candy and treats to Halloween trick or treater goers, helps to throw Halloween costume parties, helps people to open their creative and artistic side to create and carve pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, as well as creating their own costumes and masks for the Halloween season. It's a wonderful holiday and a great season with much to do and explore, remembering the great times ChameleoN had once before going to Haunted Houses, trick or treating, and going to costume events, was a great deal of fun indeed. The Spirit of Halloween mainly only appears in the month of October and works closely with the Spirt of Autumn and the Spirit of Seasons, together these Spirits work wonders in creating a beautiful landscape and transforming nature in to vibrant outstanding colors we all can enjoy, it is really the Spirit of Nature alive and changing the Seasons right before our eyes. Cheers to the Spirit of Halloween!

Time to move on to the main Halloween event "Trick or Treating". This was a very entertaining event indeed. ChameleoN went to several houses and gathered many treats, thank you very much for all the treats that were given out and to everyone who participated. ChameleoN walked up to the next house but this house had a long line of treaters waiting, the house seemed strangely haunted, and the name on the person's house was named "Party Pooper". What could it be that this house is giving away? it has to be a nice treat, the reason why there is a long line. ChameleoN decided to move along and returned when there was no line.

ChameleoN knocked on the door and had to wait a few minutes, then the door slowly opened, the door hinges making a eerie crrrrreeeeeking sound, ChameleoN stepped back a few steps unsure of what to expect, then a nasty message appeared at the door's entrance something about how much Party Pooper hated "Mr. Ved" I really didn't understand the meaning and why so disrespectful? Then a very frightening figure appeared at the door, ChameleoN really thought he was going to receive a nice treat, but instead the frightening figure gave him a rotten apple. ChameleoN said to the Party Pooper "what am I supposed to do with this rotten apple?, I can't even trade it in for a cheap more fun candy bar or a hatoraide energy drink?" The Party Pooper explained it is because he is protesting Halloween and he has a deep hatred for "Mr. Ved", the person who controls this Trick or Treating event. ChameleoN replied "what the helloween?, lighten up and stop being so angry with everything that doesn't go exactly your way, 'tis the season so I suggest you try to enjoy Halloween and the trick or treating event!" ChameleoN tried to return the rotten apple to the Party Pooper, but the Party Pooper wouldn't take it, instead the Party Pooper offered his book to ChameleoN, the Party Pooper said "Read my book of complaints about Mr. Ved, then you will know and understand why I'm doing this!" ChameleoN looked at the book as it had been reached out in front of him from the frightening figure's boney scaley looking hands, the book was titled "The Wrecking", ChameleoN did not want to touch it or read it. ChameleoN replied "No! I do not want your book, I do not have time to read your book of complaints!" and ChameleoN started to walk away from the haunted house, while the door slowly and eerily closing making a scary crrrreeeeeking sound again, the Party Pooper yelling and screaming to him about how bad Mr. Ved is and on and on about this and that. ChameleoN still had the rotten apple in his hand and decided to throw the rotten apple at the front porch in front of the front door of the Party Pooper's haunted house, the rotten apple splattered everywhere along the porch right in front of the door. ChameleoN thought this must of been some kind of poison apple made from the villainous Party Pooper. ChameleoN then used his new special power "Ant Attack" to attack the splattered area. An army of ants invaded everywhere around the figure's porch and front door. This will be a big mess for the Party Pooper to clean up for sure. It also will help to prevent any other Trick or Treat goers from going to this door or house. No one else needs to waste their time in a long line only to receive a nasty message, a poisonous apple, and a book of complaints. After this ChameleoN went home to turn his lights on and open up his house to trick or treaters and gave away some treats to those who entered.

Next up is Giant Turkey Hunt special event.

Although ChameleoN was unable to participate due to this event being exclusively for facebook users only, however ChameleoN is thankful the event ended in success, and thankful for family and friends, health and food and shelter, and would like to give a special Thanks to "Mr. Ved" and his team for providing all of us an entertaining game to do with events and extras included. Thank You to all players of Heroes Rising. May everyone have a special safe and happy holiday season!

ID: 21988