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Contest Entry What I was doing when...Giant Robot


    The Astral Plane is not somewhere people want to go on a regular basis.  I'm training with my powers to Astral project to the plane and explore this strange place.  My adoptive mother, Futurina, is helping me as best she can through a telepathic link.  Astral Projection is not a power she has, but she has experience with it.  This doesn't change the fact the Astral Plane is a weird place.

    "Why is my astral body female?" Astra asked.  "I thought it would be male as that is how I was born."

    "I do not know, child," Futurina replied telepathically.  "Perhaps because you obtained the power after your transformation.  Be careful, there are many dangers in that plane."  A strange large creature with three eyes, large mouth and rows or sharp teeth pushed by her with its whale like body.  Astra relayed the information to Futurina.

    "Why are we doing this again?" Astra asked.  "I don't think it's safe for me to be out of my physical body and on this plane for very long.  There is some freaky stuff here.  That last creature was rather tame  comparatively."  Astra watched creatures and ships even dead bodies and worlds floating in the Astral plane.  It was both awesome and bazar.

    "We are documenting the Astral Plane as explorers," Futurina told her.  "If I did not need technological assistance I would do this myself.  I do need assistance but you do not, therefore, you get to go while I monitor you."

    "It just doesn't feel safe," Astra complained.  "It's not like I can just use a telekinetic lance and defeat these things.  These are creatures who have evolved to have a greater understanding of mental powers.  I feel so small here."

    "That's good," Futurina stated.  "No matter how powerful we get here on Earth, you know there those far more powerful."

    "I don't know if that's a good thing," Astra commented.  "Humans try to prove they are the most powerful.  You've seen how competitive we are."  Her B.A.D.G.E. communicator went off.

    "Code Red:  All heroes report to Las Vegas Nevada for a battle, All heroes needed," Came over the comm.  Astra projected back to her physical body.

    "It feels like it's been hours.  How long was I in the Astral Plane?" Astra asked as she prepared to leave.

    "Five minutes," Futurina replied.  "Take a shuttle and eat something to regain your strength."

    Astra realized she was hungry and agreed to the advice, "Thank you, mother, that's probably wiser than trying to teleport there."
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