Contest Entry: You saved a Moose from a Tree (Out on Patrol)

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Contest Entry: You saved a Moose from a Tree (Out on Patrol)

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Contest Entry: You saved a Moose from a tree
Timebender #10897
Alvidan was on his first patrol of New Amsterdam after being recruited to BADGE when a strange sound reached his ears.

What was THAT?  It is not a familiar sound.  I better go investigate, he told himself.

He had excellent speed, so following the sound was the work of a moment.  

Well, now he knew what was making the noise, it was a Moose of all things.  What was a Moose doing running loose in the city?  Not to mention what was it doing up in a tree?

Wait a second. was the tree actually MOVING?  Well, that explains one thing, the moose did NOT climb the tree, the tree GRABBED the moose and was carrying it off.  From where is a question for later, right now Alvidan has to figure out how to stop a runaway tree from kidnapping a Moose.

Alvidan thinks, My Laser Vision, a few shots to the branches holding the moose should free it.

He stares at the point he wants to hit, which is not easy because it is moving erratically, and FOCUSES.  There is a small explosion as the water at the point his laser hits vaporizes, but fortunately, the living tree resists catching fire.  

The tree notices Alvidan and starts pelting him with small loose objects from the street nearby.  Alvidan's flexible titanium skin resists penetration, though his body under the skin takes a few bruises. from the impact.  

Alvidan quickly fires several more blasts, and finally, the branches holding the moose start to crack.  Alvidan rushes forward and runs in a tight circle, creating a focused updraft to slow the fall of the moose.  Once it is safely on the ground, it runs off while Alvidan tries to decide what to do with the tree.  Is the tree a human turned into a plant by Morphons, a tree given mobility by Morphons, or something animated by some power user nearby?  Alvidan does not know, so he has to contain it until BADGE can arrive to sort it out.

After a search of nearby areas, Alvidan locates a spool of metal cable in a nearby construction zone.  It is heavy, but he rolls the spool to the area and wraps the tree in metal cable to hold it in place.

Invisible nearby, a time clone of Alvidan's future self Timebender, watches the event unfold, and slides backwards along the timeline of the tree.  He never did find ut where it came from, or the moose either.  Perrhaps, it is time to find out.
Timebender ID#10897