Contest Entry: You see ][☣][ รкєlคภเ๓คl ][☣][ fight a Street Tough - and lose! (Out On Patrol)

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Contest Entry: You see ][☣][ รкєlคภเ๓คl ][☣][ fight a Street Tough - and lose! (Out On Patrol)

The Sword of Gerraxia
Contest Entry:  The Sword of Gerraxia ID: 14367
    It was a cool night, The Sword of Gerraxia had been doing her best to save the city of New Amsterdam.  With her supernatural powers she flew over the city.  It had been a wild patrol.

    During her patrol She had saved a Moose from a tree.  How it got in the tree she didn't know.  She helped a baby do their taxes.  Who knew a baby could run a business and hire fifty employees?  She had fought Thugs, Cretins, Dock Pirates, even Evil Tourists.  Then she saw something She never thought she'd see.

    Skelanimal lose a fight to a street tough.  Skelanimal is tough.  The Street Tough took the creature by surprise.  They knocked the wind out of Skelanimal.  Then they hit Skelanimal over the head with a folding chair.  Then double fisted backhanded Skelanimal.  It was brutal.  They ran away as Gerri landed.  
Gerri helped Skelanimal up.

    "What happened?" Gerri asked with concern.  "You could easily take that Street Tough.  You're a very tough opponent."  She bandaged a few cuts and scrapes.  "You're one of the go to villains in the game lore," She stated breaking the fourth wall.

    Skelanimal looked down and pointed to the collar The Avengers put on him to keep him under control.  "This, this kept me from fighting back," the creature hissed.  It's frustration was almost tangible in it's voice.  "Being good sucks."

    Gerri took out a small pack of Keebler Soft Batch Chocolate Chip cookies.  "Cookie?" She offered.

    "Got any Fudge Stripes?" Skelanimal inquired.  Gerri pulled out a similar pack of Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies and handed them to Skelanimal.  Skelanimal tore into the pack and devoured the cookies.  "More?"

    Gerri took out the pack of Soft Batch again took out one cookie and handed the rest to Skelanimal.  She ate the cookie while Skelanimal devoured the rest.  "Feel better?" she questioned.

    "Little," Skelanimal replied.  "Be better if I win fight."

    Gerri thought for a moment.  She knew Skelanimal was far more powerful and skilled than she was.  It would be a chance to learn weaknesses and possibly gain insight against this opponent.  "Then let's fight," She offered.  Skelanimal grinned.

    Skelanimal easily trounced The Sword of Gerraxia.  "Thanks, feel better now," Skelanimal stated as it walked away.

    "You're," She coughed, "welcome.  Ow."  She groaned as she got back up.  That was fun but it hurt a lot.
"Swords are for fighting."
ID: 14367