Contest entry: What were you doing when … Lady Phoenix.

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Contest entry: What were you doing when … Lady Phoenix.

Contest entry: What were you doing when …


ID 21107

“I really enjoyed our visit to the clan castle and my home,” Fiona said as she relaxed in the co-pilot’s seat of the Star Force flyer. “It was so good to get back home and see my brother and my sisters – not to mention our godson.”

Highlander smiled and replied, “I agree. Katie looks more like you everytime I see her, and Angus is the spittin’ image of your pa. Lucy seems to be recovering well, also.”

“Yes, breast cancer is not a pleasant thing,” Fiona said with a trace of emotion. “She’s only 36. The baby of the family shouldn’t suffer from something like that. She should have a nice, long life.”

“Hopefully, they were able to get it all,” Highlander said. “With the chemo and some close observation, she has a good chance. We’ll do what we can to get you home to see her more often. What we do is important, but Lucy needs you at her side more than you’ve been able in recent months.”

“Yes, I hope …”



The message blasting from the flyer’s comm warned of a battle now raging involving the mythic Lady Phoenix and a small band of heroes who were close enough to be first responders when hell broke loose. The United States military had disregarded Director Nova’s admonition about holding off operations and had initiated an attack against Lady Phoenix and another mythic, presumably Krampus.

The Fifth Precinct confederation had enjoined the battle after a large portion of the military had been decimated. Things were heating up in a major way.

“Well, at least with the Fifth Precinct, BADGE has a goodly sized battalion of skilled fighters engaged. Let’s go give them a hand,” Fiona said.

“Not so fast, lassie,” Highlander replied. “I’m dropping you off at BADGE HQ. I’m not certain you’ve mastered your powers sufficiently to delve into something like this. This is a major brouhaha that may be over the heads of all but the most experienced and battle-tested fighters.”


“I know that, but you’re still learning. You can be of more help as a standby,” her husband said calmly. “Director Nova can utilize you in a manner that will serve us better than you being involved in the middle of a brawl. Besides, you can use your gifts at a distance.”

“You’ve never fought anything like this,” Fiona pouted.

“Maybe not, but I’ve been in more battles than you can imagine, sweetie,” Highlander responded. “Besides, I’m immortal, remember?”

Fions looked out the side window of the cockpit, crossed her arms and allowed her “Hmmph!” to speak the volumes needed.

“”We’re about 45-50 minutes out,” Highlander said. “I’ll push the engines a tad and try to get there a bit sooner. Lady Phoenix, here we come.”

As they approached the floating remains of the arena where the battle was ensuing, Highlander spoke. “You’ll need to take the controls and get me as close to the action as possible. Times I wish I could fly, like some of the others. I’ll jump out of the flyer and try not to face plant on something hard.”

“How about I just land and we go in together?”

“Fiona, please. Don’t even suggest you going in. You know how I feel. When Nova feels you’re ready for something big like this, he’ll tell us.”

“I know. Please be careful, Duncan.”

“Hey, you know me.”

“Yes, I do. Act first; think later. That’s why I said ‘be careful.’”

Highlander popped the pilot-side hatch and unfastened his harness. “I’m going. Love you, Fiona.”

“I love you too, Duncan!”

She followed his descent as he parachuted into the fray.

Fiona whispered to herself as his chute deployed, “Yes, I love you. You crazy old fool. You better come back to me.”

Fiona whipped the flyer around and made a beeline to BADGE’s floating fortress, signaling the sentries that she was coming in and requested they notify Director Nova and staff of her availability.