FAN-FICTION CONTEST August | Origin Story: IѦᔕιƚҽ

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FAN-FICTION CONTEST August | Origin Story: IѦᔕιƚҽ


By: IѦᔕιƚҽ ID: 35982

In the History of the earth there has never been an event quite like the day Legion showed up. No one knew where they were from, only that they came seeking a fight.

It was on this day that the man I used to be died and I become IѦᔕιƚҽ. It was on this day that a power inside me awoke. A third eye opened allowing me to see like never before. I Intuitively knew the answers to life’s mysteries, a higher self-consciousness. The part of us that is all knowing, and the part of us that is only aware of our experiences, emotions and body was now awake!

Now with my third eye open, my old belief systems where instantly demolished. Once those walls shattered, I arrived at the foundation of truth. It was overwhelming, Once I release the fear of “What will happen to me? What will I become aware of? Who will I become?,” I drifted into the field of compassionate contentment that our intuition is always directing us towards. As I surrendered to the Morphons interacting with me, surrendering my control and limited vision of how my life would unfold I arrived at the greater truth of what is. What we are, at the level of existence and non-existence. Wrapping myself in this warm blanket of assurance and ease that all is well.

How Can I explain it to you? Awakening, enlightenment, implosion, explosion, break down, break through, arrival. These are just some ways that I can describe my third eye awakening experience. The truth is, I arrived at a deeper truth than I once was aware of and now I was equipped with the power to fight this Legion. It was now time for me to rise and challenge! Rise and defend all of humankind!