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Origin Story: GЯΣΣП ᄂΛПƬΣЯП of ♆SOB♆
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  In the two thousandth and nineteenth year of AO on the 19th day of the fifth month they came from the skies. An unfamiliar light pressed upon me as I lay asleep. The day was breaking but it would never look the same again, strange beings had invaded my home. The atmosphere was different now, a hue that I did not recognize engulfed the once blue sky. As I stood at my window looking out upon my beloved City, I witnessed Horrors untold as men, women, and children where either taken as slaves, or slaughtered as cattle to feed the invading forces. I asked myself, is this why they came? Had we been reduced to simply resources? Is this the fate that really awaits us?

 It was at this moment, a will to fight back overtook me and as I prepared myself to leap from the window into the streets to stop these atrocities my eye caught something that I can only describe as a falling star. Faint at first, it rapidly grew as it hurled like a comet through the sky. It grew and grew with great speed, and I quickly realized it was headed right for me! I dove for cover as what I would soon discover was a green lantern tore through my ceiling and landed next to me in a crater that used to be my floor.

 I found myself stunned for a moment and could only look on as a green hue enveloped me and suddenly I found myself in a new reality. I was now first among a small group of the called, chosen to be a part of the Lantern Corp! The Strength of will that already lived inside me was now given power to manifest and stop evil. As if I somehow always new the word’s I hear myself reciting the code of so many that had gone before me.

 In brightest day and darkest night,
no evil shall escape my site.
Let those who worships evils might,
beware my power Green Lanterns light.

 As I leaped down to the streets It was obvious now that there were others that had manifested powers as well. Why none where like me exactly, they too were defending our city from the invaders. Thus, my story began among a band of Heroes, determined to rise up against this evil and to protect our friends and families.