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FAN-FICTION CONTEST JULY| Origin Story: ßïll †hê ßµ†¢hêr

By ßïll †hê ßµ†¢hêr ♆SOB♆
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 My name is William Poole, but you can just call me Bill . . . What’s that you say? You want to know my story. Ha ha ha im not sure we have that kind of time, still I suppose I can share a bit with you, after all; you won’t be walking out of here alive.

 When I was just a young man I watched as people like you who thought they owned this city just walked about taking what they wanted and tossing everyone else to the side. I remember when I was just 5 or 6 some pretend hero stopped one of my friends, little bit we called him. Anyhow this so-called hero stopped him as he was running away from the Butcher Shop with scraps that he swiped off the counter. Yes, he stole it, but we were all starving! What else was he supposed to do? No one cared, no one, especially no hero! No one was doing anything to help us! Anyhow, this so-called hero smacked little bit down so hard he broke his jaw! Imagine that, some poor starving 6-year-old now dealing with a broken Jaw. Within just 2 weeks, little bit was dead. He starved to death you see, but no one cared. He was just tossed out like garbage. I made a Vow to myself that day. When I grew up, I would stop this madness. I would help the people of this city no matter how poor they were, I would treat them with dignity and the respect they deserve, but if anyone tried to stop me, I would cut them down!

 Now that leads me to you. You come in here acting like you own the place. You attack me like you have a chance in hell to defeat me? I mean even if you could, I’ve built a Society of Butchers, people just like me who will rise up against anyone who would do harm to this city or our family! Of course, its laughable to think you can stand against me in the first place. I’ll feed you to the Pigs boy! Tell you what I’ll give you one chance. Stop pretending to be a hero and actually help some one today with nothing to gain by it other than doing what’s right for once. That’s right actually sacrifice something, your time, your treasure, yourself to help someone. Do that and I’ll let you live. Do it not and I will hunt you down no matter where you run.

 Now take a nice steak with you on your way out, you look Hungry.