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FAN-FICTION CONTEST JULY - "It's hard to Be a Villain..."

Pharaoh Ankh Nakhti Meri Nesu
It's hard to Be a Villain When Someone is Destroying the World.
ID: 34761

As Pharaoh Ankh Nakhti Meri Nesu sat and watched the events unfold with the United Nations and World Corps, he considered how best to use the chaos to his own advantage.  His own minions had been sowing discord among the civilians, making them trust BADGE less and him more, but now this World Corps has stepped in and done the first part for him...  But not the second part.

"Great" he muttered.

Zeus and Jynx glanced over at him and considered whether being in the same room right now was a good idea.  Pharaohs powers had grown rapidly lately, what with the Father Time events unfolding and concluding to his advantage.

"M'Lord," Lady Jynx attempted, knowing he was slightly less likely to rip her head off than Zeus'. "Is there anything we can d-".  His sharp hand swipe in the air cut her words off.  She settled back down in her chair to let him stew, giving Zeus a brief head shake in case he decided to attempt talking as well.

After a few minutes Pharaoh sighed heavily and stood, letting the others know he was ready to move forward.

"All our plans to date have been to raise the Black Pyramid, but these fools are cutting into our scheme.  It is time for us to move forward with our own plans.  Perhaps we can use the chaos to our advantage." He turned and gave Jynx a cold stare.

"We will need to have your illusions on us when we hit the Purgatory Penitentiary.  It is time we freed my old ally and hem-netjer - Now known as The Crooked Man."


The three who follow The Seed of Anubis lay low behind a wall.  The plan had been for Jynx, Zeus, and Ant to walk in as guards, explain who they were to the Crooked Man, and walk out.  That was clearly asking too much.

After the Crooked Man was removed from his cell, he went nuts and tried escaping on his own, the hard way.  Five guards were dead, and Ant was missing an ear.  The three ran down the hall trying to catch up to the psychotic escapee.  At least the guard illusions held, and they were not stopped by anyone else as they trailed after him.  

Jynx fumed and grumbled as they moved.  Pharaoh had sent them three of them in to talk to this guy, rather than come in himself.  They turned a corner in time to see the Crooked Man phase his hand through a guard’s neck and then become solid while in the middle.  He yanked suddenly, pulling the man's esophagus out of the body.

The Crooked man looked around and realized he was in a dead end.  With nowhere left to go, he turned and looked at the trio at the end of the hall with malice.

"Easy, easy now buddy. We are here to help you,” Jynx calmly tried sooth the deranged man.  It was clear he wasn't listening, in fact, she wasn't sure he heard her at all, as his head tilted and listened to an unheard noise or voice.  Pharaoh had warned them that his old priest probably lives in both our own time and that of the time of Pharaoh's rule.  This accounted for the shifting form of the Crooked Man, as he phased between the timelines, anchored in ours, but trying to escape to the old.

Finally, the Crooked Man looked directly at the three minions and snarled before running straight at them.  Pharaohs Followers prepared to fight, knowing it would be difficult to subdue him.

Halfway to reaching them, The Crooked Man slammed into an invisible wall. He split into two entirely different entities. One wore the modern clothes with fedora, the other was dressed as one would expect to see an ancient Egyptian come to life from Hieroglyphs on a wall in a palace wall.  They both screamed as only a slight tether held them to each other.

Not knowing what else to do, Jynx and her friends simply stood there and gawked. With no warning, Pharaoh himself suddenly appeared next to the one dressed as an Egyptian priest.  

"Easy old friend," Pharaoh soothingly said to the man. "Easy my hem-netjar". The priestly side turned and stared at Pharaoh with wide eyes, recognition finally dawning in them. He fell to the ground, supplicating himself.

"My Pharoah, My God-King - Meri Nesu.  You have returned; You Have Risen!!"

"Yes, yes old friend, but we need to get you" and pharaoh half waved at the Fedora-wearing Crooked Man' "and your other half out of her.  We need to leave.  Re-join, and come with me."

The priest looked at his modern self with loathing and then turned and walked into it.  The two forms shifted and finally coalesced into a single being.  Pharaoh stepped to him and wrapped his arms around as you would a beloved child.  With a flash, they both disappeared.

Jynx, Zeus, and Ant stared at the empty space before realizing that the thumping sounds behind them was the guards heading their way.

"Sonuva Biscuit" she swore as they turned and headed out of the prison before they were discovered.



Jynx was livid at being left behind in the prison.  The man whom they had been sent to rescue sat on a chair watching events unfold. He took in every crevice and corner of the Pyramid Scheme's Headquarters.

"Calm down, Jynx"

"CALM DOWN?  I AM SO - "  Jynx suddenly held her tongue, but not of her own accord.  She grabbed at her throat and tried desperately to breath.  Pharaoh stood in the center of the room, staring at her as she turned a slight shade of blue. With a giant gulp of breathe Jynx began to breathe again as Pharaoh dropped his telekinetic powers from her throat.

"Calm... Down..." he said again with more emphasis.  She had collapsed to her knees and turned her head up towards him, eyes still livid, but held her tongue.  "I left you because I knew you could escape, or you wouldn't be worthy allies.  I also had hem-netjar to consider and could not take all of you with me.  He was the reason for this sojourn, so it made sense to worry about his safety first.  You should be happy I had the utmost confidence in you.

Zeus suddenly smiled and seemed much happier with that thought, but Ant simply shook his head and walked to the kitchen and began pouring himself and Jynx a drink.  She joined Ant as Pharaoh moved to stand before The Crooked Man.  Hem-Netjar looked up into his pharaohs eyes.

"Great One, I fear you have released me at a time that is not ideal" he said.  When Pharaoh gestured for him to continue, he added, "There is something wrong with time.  It is breaking, fracturing.  I have been feeling it but could not do much research from my prison cell that dampens my abilities.  Now that I am free, I can feel it all around."

"I feel it too, old friend" Pharaoh replied.  "There is a massive disturbance in the timeline that is screwing with every core of my being.  You and I are both creatures of time, so we feel it deeply.  I was hoping you can assist your old Master in helping to find the problem.  Let us see if it is something we can use."

"The last time we had even a slightly similar effect was when Father Time tried to converge all the timelines as one.  It was then that I realized of the existence of the Clock.  With it, we can bring the Black Pyramid forward in time to our own, and 'The Black Pyramid Will Rise Again'"

"The Black Pyramid Will Rise Again" the others all intoned as one.


Pharaoh Ankh Nakhti Meri Nesu was being driven mad.  The fight with Drochah in the alternate future timeline was ended, but the strain of time splitting and trying to reform was tearing his mind apart.  As others were pulled into the time wormhole to go back and correct the past, Pharaoh grabbed hem-netjar's hand and with his time-phasing abilities they were able to stop from being pulled along with them - those that had time abilities.  

He watched as the time and space around them was warping, being changed back to the way things should have been.  At the center of several shattered shards of time, stood Father Time.  He still had the Time Clock with him.  The other time powered beings had all been sucked back, leaving Father Time to steal the Clock unnoticed.  

Father Time spun the shards around him, until he finally chose the one he wanted and it stopped in front of him.  Pharaoh tried to push his flight powers as hard as he could to reach the old man before he could escape, but he was too late.  Time, and the old man, slipped away.  As soon as Father Time stepped into the shard, the entirety of the alternate timeline erased and reset back to before.  Before the fight, before the prison break out.

Pharaoh Ankh Nakhti Meri Nesu again sat and watched the events unfold with the United Nations and World Corps.  He let out a heavy grumble and deep sigh.  

"Great", he muttered. Lady Jynx turned to him and decided to venture speaking.

"M'Lord? Is there anything we can do?"

He glanced over at her with a slight smile, a smile that knows this has already happened, but others do not.

"Yes, my dear Jynx, there is.  You can help me break an old friend out of prison...  Again."
Pharaoh Ankh Nakhti Meri Nesu

ID: 34761

I am Nature Incarnate. I am Inevitable.  I am Eternal.