FAN-FICTION CONTEST January 2023 - Visionary's Story Part III

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FAN-FICTION CONTEST January 2023 - Visionary's Story Part III

"Mendez's work is always accurate, there's never been a flaw in his paintings. I have no doubt this is a perfect representation of Mr. Andrew's vision, Director," said the woman.

Director Nova continued to stare at the monitor, where a fully digitized scan of Mr. Mendez's artwork was displayed. He touched the screen, using his fingers to zoom in on certain points, then slid the image over to look at a different section. His eyebrows furrowed in frustration, but the woman remained unmoving.

"Chandra," he finally said, "I've seen a lot. But this... none of this is familiar. The psychiatrists' reports seem correct. Therefore, Mr. Andrew's theory may be a little skewed. It may not be from the past, but it may be from a different reality or a different dimension."

He handed a stack of papers to the woman, who accepted them without hesitation.

"I wish I could give this more thought, but I trust you to oversee any new developments that may arise. That confounded volleyball match and the media obsession took much longer than anticipated and there's some logistics with the Olympiad to sort out with haste."

"Certainly, Director. It is good that at least BADGE can resume frontline activities now that the World Corps was exposed."

"You have no idea how relieved I am," Nova replied. "As for this, send this image to the existing league leaders - if they recognize anything, they can alert us. Don't go into any extra detail. On Mr. Andrew, how does he feel about joining a league?"

For the first time, Chandra felt uncertain. Her head slightly tilted, she said, "I think he may be interested in joining a group, but we've yet to discuss it at length."

"Have that conversation. It may do him well to participate in league activity. It may spur his mind to call upon - or recall - anything else of value."

Bowing her head slightly, she left the room.


Elijah was at the bench press station when Chandra, accompanied by the three others from the previous meeting, approached. Elijah sat up, wiping his brow and feeling that his workout was going to be fully interrupted.

"How are you enjoying the facility?" asked the psychologist as he fiddled with his glasses.

"Pretty good, actually," he smiled, "This is the nicest gym I've ever been in. That room over there where you get to shoot energy blasts at holograms though,... takes the cake."

"And how are you finding the actual ability to shoot energy blasts?"

"I'm getting better," he said wanly. "At first I thought it was only an instinctual thing, but I'm getting to control it... both its impact and its intensity. Guess they'll have to get me a super-suit next."

"I am happy to see such progress," said Chandra as she put a reassuring hand on Elijah's shoulder, making him feel flush. He leaned backwards slightly, and Chandra quickly drew her hand away. "We think it's good for you to join an existing league, the sooner, the better."

"A what now?" exclaimed Elijah. "I'm just getting my feet wet. I haven't even faced a real villain yet!"

"You defeated two crooks on your own in under a minute," offered one of the other men.

"They were just guys," Elijah scoffed in response. "Anyone with a taser and their wits could have stopped them."

"You have a gift," said Chandra, "Something the average man or woman doesn't. With training and guidance, who knows how that gift may evolve and reveal itself even more.

She gave him a handbook. "We looked at potential leagues with entry-level invitations, for lack of a better term. The one depicted here, it's a large family of leagues with varied skillsets and mission objectives. They should serve you well as you discover more about yourself and what you're capable of. Have a read-through, and let me know if you're interested -"

"I'm in." Elijah rose to his feet. "Next step?"

"A hero name, perhaps," smiled Chandra as she walked away. The others turned to follow her.

"And then, a super-suit."
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