FAN-FICTION CONTEST SEPTEMBER: Sequel Origin Story (Episode 2)

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FAN-FICTION CONTEST SEPTEMBER: Sequel Origin Story (Episode 2)

Queen Morkaz
 It was the eve of the calamity to come. Dublin dared to challenge Queen Morkaz, the Arch Mage of the Black Moon herself, and in doing so they exposed their weakness. Something was causing the dead to rise, and the Lich Queen found herself in need of an Army. The crypt of Morkaz only held the Queens elite guard and closest servants. So Queen Morkaz decided to make an Army of undead for herself as she set her eyes on Dublin. There could only be one ruler of death after all and Whatever was causing this rise of the undead in the City needed to be identified and controlled.

 Within two days The Queen’s Army was poised to strike Dublin. Her scouts had reported that the city guard was amassed at the eastern part of town holding back the undead that were rising from the local cemetery. The Queen wanted to get a better understanding of what was happening, so she cast a spell to allow her to look in on the battlefield. It was as we were told, the dead were busting threw the ground and clawing there way up out of there resting places.

 What was causing this? Was there another Lich? Was some power awaken or unleashed? The Queen had to know, but for now it would have to wait. The city was exposed and the opportunity to make a surprise attack was ripe for the taking. Forward we crept . . . slaying and turning the living into soldiers or the Lich Queen. Our Army was growing by the minute. The smell of death filled the air and the city guards of Dublin where now surrounded.

 The Queen began to chant “Telin le thaed. Lasto beth nîn, tolo dan nan galad”, Suddenly the undead fell silent, then as if God Himself was speaking, with one voice all the undead in the city spoke at once, Queen Morkaz we serve you, thundered and echoed across the city! A chill fell upon the living as they now understood that they were surrounded, there morale broke and several of the city guard began to scream and run. Death itself was here and despair fell upon them like the weight of a waterfall crashing upon there shoulders. Not one sole survived that day. The Calamity of Dublin had come and Queen Morkaz now had an Army of over 1 million undead. Now all that was left was to solve this mystery of what caused her and the other undead to awake.

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