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FAN-FICTION CONTEST September | Origin Story: Ability Mage

Ability Mage
Ten years ago, a young man, recently graduated form a junior college in North Carolina in the United States, was approached by one of the more heralded superheroes of his realm. This hero, an intelligent and resourceful mind, saw the potential in the young man and took him on as an apprentice. Their friendship was strong and over several months, the young man was equipped with unique tech that enabled him to not only handle himself against enemy forces but also read and mimic the abilities used against him.

He was then known as the Ability Mage.

Life quickly grew hectic for him as he found himself at the forefront of many a battle alongside his allies in the original Legion of Superheroes. Evil foes such as Astronikus and Lucious Bloodvayne were thwarted in part thanks to the skills of Ability Mage and his friends.

One day, his mentor and friend retired from active crime fighting. It was a sad day for many, and Ability Mage for his part also took a step back, becoming more of a back-seat coordinator. Nobody knows if his choice was affected by the departure of his closest confidant or an intentional move in order to become a mentor-of-sorts to the younger heroes who joined the alliance.

The impending threat of EA-geddon led to the dissolution of the alliance as heroes took steps to escape and or seek refuge in other places. After a tearful goodbye to his closest friends, Ability Mage set off in a single spacecraft towards deep space and a star system suspected of hosting sentient life forms that would need to be warned of the universal danger. Danger struck when meteor debris struck the spacecraft, damaging the controls and slowing its speed. An energy wake from the approaching EA caused a space-time ripple, and pulled Ability Mage out of his universe.

He awoke an unknown amount of time later, lost and alone save for a robotic companion whose main function was recording and basic command functionality. He wandered for a time, health decaying and hunger ever-present, and discovered that he was on Earth - but a different one that he was used to. One that was under the infiltration of the Legion...
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