FAN-FICTION CONTEST September | Origin Story: The Birth of IѦᔕιƚҽ (Part 2)

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FAN-FICTION CONTEST September | Origin Story: The Birth of IѦᔕιƚҽ (Part 2)


  Months after my awakening, with my powers still new and untrained I received a vision as if the universe was speaking to me, Images one after another would appear followed by doors opening in the physical realm. I was shown a contest between heroes and villains alike. A contest of leagues competing for Glory. I was shown an image of myself competing in this contest with a group of Heroes that I was yet to meet. I can’t really explain it to you other than my new power of Insite allowed me to see possible futures before they happened.

  As I set out to meet these new Hero’s, one after another they rallied to my cause to build a team of believers that were interested in personal growth. That were interested in an awakening, enlightenment, breaking down old beliefs and breaking through to new ones, an arrival of a deeper understanding of truth and a higher self-consciousness.

  As we banded together we committed to nothing more than riding the cosmic waive that brought us hear. As the contest began, we saw victory after victory, and as if was pre destined we won the Division Championship. The cosmos has not spoken to me since that day, at least not about these League Wars, but I know now that wherever the waive takes us, through the power of Insite we will continue to grow in strength until we are strong anoff to defend against the threat of Legion.

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