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Faerie DuckTales of Heroes Rising by AphraeltheFaeChildGoddessofInnocenceversion3.0#11292

The Inkling
Strange Quark's Halloween Contest

Faerie DuckTales of Heroes Rising

*"Halloween is a very spooky time of year for on this particular day the line between the living and dead, physical and spiritual is at its thinnest. For some, the holiday festivities are for delighting children and grandchildren while for others the fun is scaring everyone with costumes to die for. But forgive me my manners. I am Jacobugath (Jacob) McDuck and I will be your eternal host this evening so to speak hehehehe..."

"Now you may have heard my name mentioned in certain stories or posts written by the so-called childlike deity AphraeltheFaeChildGoddessofInnocenceVersion3.0 about how evil me and my sister Alexis are (see Midnight Watch) but I can truthfully assure you on the graves of my deceased elfduck ancestors that she is the one who is evil as well as the rest of her minions of Ice Ray Academy."

"'Elfduck?' you ask and I can easily see the confusion in your mind. 'Elves and ducks can mate and have offspring?' Worry not for that is not why you have been brought here in your sleeping consciousness. No instead you are here to fight a great evil."

A massively shaped wall slides back into nothingness from where you the reader have awakened at revealing a city strange and yet oddly familiar. "Welcome to New Amsterduckberg. This city is a combination of the New Amsterdam you once knew and a TV show city named Duckberg from an old kids TV show called "DuckTales." An evil sorceress named Magica de Spell conjured this insanity after Gamer G summoned her from his prison cell. She immediately was angered by his appearance and cursed all the metahumans and humans of what was New Amsterdam into humanoid ducks thus the name New Amsterduckberg."

"Your mission should you choose to accept it: track down Duck Gamer G turn him back to human, recruit him to defeat Magica de Spell and return New Amsterduckberg back to New Amsterdam. You only have until dawn on Halloween. Good luck."*
ID: 11292 AphraeltheFaeChildGoddessofInnocence sacrificed herself to fully defeat Drochah. She will never be able to be reincarnated ever again. Back to rping in group chats however not too often due to mental issues (imagination under strict recovery orders.) Still playing Heroes Rising though.