Fan Fiction Contest Aug: BEE, The Man; Season 1: Episode 3: A POST Summer Olympics Origin Story

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Fan Fiction Contest Aug: BEE, The Man; Season 1: Episode 3: A POST Summer Olympics Origin Story

Fuma Hanzo
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Fan Fiction Contest Aug: BEE, The Man; Season 1: Episode 3: A POST Summer Olympics Origin Story

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Crossroads sat on a bench in the locker rooms, a towel hung around her neck as sweat dripped off her onto the floor. The deep, labored breaths echoed the tremendous effort she had put forth. She really thought she could have won it if those dang bee men hadn't gotten in her way. Ice Princess did her a real solid when she froze the two that kept buzzing around her asking her to come away with them. So creepy, she thought. She still couldn't believe one of them actually won. Was they even human, she wondered. Just then, a group of them entered the dressing room.


"Um....... guys," Crossroads addressed them. "This is the women's locker room. You guys aren't supposed to be in here."

"BZZZZT! BZZZZZT! BZZZZZZT!" the bees continued to enter the locker room and surround her. The one that won the Marathon stepped forward. At least, she assumed by the gold medal around his neck that he was the one. She couldn't truly be sure. They all looked alike.

"Oh. You're the one that won." she said, as she quickly searched for an escape. "Congratulations."

The bees started to hover around Crossroads' cooler where she had a few sodas on ice. Trying to be friendly, in hopes of diffusing what was starting to become an uneasy situation, she started handing out what she had.

"You guys want a soda?" she asked. "Here. Take them. There's some different flavors of Coke, and some Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper. Go ahead, they're all yours."

Greedily taking the sodas, the bees started buzzing intently.


"BZZZT!" replied the bee man. "BZZZZT! You like? BZZZT! You take!"

The bee man removed the medal from his neck and extended it towards Crossroads.

"Wha?" she said confused. "I can't take your medal. You won that. It's not the same. I don't want the medal. I wanted to win the medal." she tried to explain.

Pushing it back into the bee's hands, he gave it a quick glance before shrugging and tossing it in the trash. Now, completely confused, Crossroads tried to protest before being caught offguard as the bees rushed her. Before she could react, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head. A wave of dizziness overtook her as her surroundings turned to black.........

1 week later.....................................................................

Mayor Justice slowly blinked himself conscious. He could hear weird blips, but his eyes seemed to have a hard time focusing in what seemed an all white, completely sterile of color environment. Groaning a bit as he rubbed his head, he drew the attention of a man dressed all in black and white sitting next to him.

"CJ!" the man exclaimed. "You're awake!"

"Uhhhh......" groaned Mayor Justice. "Frank? Frank, what happened? Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital." answered Frank. "That mob led by that pink haired woman really did a number on you."

"That pink haired woman?" asked the Mayor. "Everything is a bit confusing and hard to remember, but I distinctly remember before blacking out, getting kicked in the head by a penguin."

"Yeah, you definitely got hit hard on the head." Frank quickly replied behind a smirk. "Definitely no penguins in that mob."

"Are you sure?" Justice asked.

"Positive." replied Frank, with a guilty smirk still written across his face.

Looking around the room, Mayor Justice's eyes came to rest on a News report on the TV. On the screen, a reporter was pointing to some high rise buildings downtown that were swarming with evolved Man-Bees.

"We're Downtown at the corner of Lois Lane and Avenue B, and as you can see, it's only been one week and already the city is being overrun by these creatures. Citizens, the vast majority of which have been women, have come up missing across the city. Early speculation presumes that these missing person cases, along with the sudden presence of these Man-Bees are in some way connected. Countless heroes have done what they can to push back against these creatures and what can only be called an invasion. But with the rapid rate at which their numbers are increasing, we seem to lose more ground than we are gaining. Earlier this week, the Mayor was ruthlessly attacked by militant hippies while trying to quell the outbreak at its start, right across the street from here, in Fires Park, at what experts from the Mayor's office are calling Ground Zero. With the Mayor out of commission until further notice, and the heroes of Hero City seemingly ineffective against this menace, what will become of our city? Who will save us? If this invasion continues to spread, what of our world? This is Chaz Hamilton, signing off and saying, good luck, everyone."

Mayor Justice sat up immediately, the confusion and haziness in his head now clear.

"THAT'S RIGHT!" he exclaimed loudly. "THE BEES! Frank, we gotta get out of here and stop those bees!"

Mayor Justice yanked the IVs out of one arm before holding up the other and staring at it perplexed.

"What the hell is this, Frank?" he asked.

"It's a cast." answered Frank. "You got your arm broke in the attack."

"This isn't going to do, Frank." stated the Mayor. "Find me a saw or something. I can't go saving the world with this thing stuck around my arm."

"I'm pretty sure that's on there to keep your arm in place. Besides, there's no saws in the recovery room. That's surgery."  Frank said as he turned just in time to see Mayor Justice smashing his cast to pieces against the wall.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!" screamed the Mayor. "Frank, I think my arm's broken!"

"That's......... what......... the......... cast........ was......... for.........." Frank said as he stared at Mayor Justice with complete confusion on his face.

"$#!+, Frank. Splint me up. I can't go around saving the world with my arm flopping around like this either." Justice pleaded. "And see if they have any morphine around here. This $#!+ hurts like a mfer!"

To Be Continued............

Hail Hydra!!!!