Fan Fiction Contest July: BEE, The Man; Season 1: Episode 2: A Summer Olympics Origin Story

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Fan Fiction Contest July: BEE, The Man; Season 1: Episode 2: A Summer Olympics Origin Story

Fuma Hanzo

BEE, The Man; Season 1: Episode 2:
A Summer Olympics Origin Story

By 13807

Crossroads was excited about today's Hero Olympics event. The Omega class heroes might get all the gold in the fighting events, but they always seemed to suffer in the Marathon. If she played it smart, she just might be in the running for a medal, maybe even gold! She tried her best to formulate a plan of attack for the event and focus on doing her best, but she couldn't help but be distracted by the annoying presence of bees buzzing all over the arena.

For some reason, the stadium had been overtaken by large black and gold bees. They looked like your common honey bee, but were twice the size of their normally larger cousin, the bumble bee. And while they weren't attacking anyone, they were still causing a bit of a stir and were seen by most as a nuisance. News crews that were there to normally report on the events also took the time to report on the unusual presence of the overly large bees.

Crossroads tried to swat the bees away as they flew around her, to no avail. In one hand, she held a Vanilla Coke, and, as she swatted away at the bees buzzing in her face, she spilled copious amounts of the drink on the ground. Lured by the smell of the sweet beverage, the bees swarmed the small pools of it on the ground, lapping it up greedily. Seeing this, Crossroads decided that it was her soda that had attracted them to her presence.

She said, "Oh! Is this what you want?" before pouring the rest of the contents on the ground. "Here. Take it. Just leave me alone."

Crossroads walked away to try and find a less buzzy place to get her mind focused before she started the race. On the ground where she had poured the soda, the bees happily lapped up every drop, seeming to grow larger as they did. And if one listened carefully, it seemed almost like the bees were speaking to each other, but in the most high pitched voices and at an accelerated rate.

"Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzt!"

"Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzzt! Suitable. Bzzzzt! Queen! Bzzzzzt!"

"Bzzzzzt! Yes! Bzzzzzzt! Need Queen! Bzzzzzt! No females of like kind. Bzzzzt!"

"Queen. Bzzzzt! Not. Bzzzzzt! Same. Bzzzzt! Bzzzzt!"

"Bzzzzt! Must. Bzzzzzzt! Evolve!!!! Bzzzzzt! BZZZZZZZZT! BZZZZZZZZT!"


After finishing up all the Vanilla Coke, the bees made their way out of sight behind the stadium porta-potties. There they began to transform, growing larger and taking a more human shape, though still far from human in appearance. Their exoskeletons sank into their bodies to mimic more human like bones. The muscles inside their bodies moved to the outside and they took on a more fleshy appearance. Their wings and antenna remained, but beyond the normal two legs and two arms a regular human had, they shed their other appendages.

"BZZZZT! Transformation not complete. BZZZZZT!"

"Need. BZZZZT! More. BZZZZT! DNA samples! BZZZZT!"

"BZZZZT! Must convert. BZZZZZZT! Queen. BZZZZZZT! Need Queen! BZZZZT!"

Elsewhere, the contestants for the Div 1 Marathon were about to start their race. As the starting gun fired, Dr. Ed N Out took an early lead. The cheering drew the attention of the bees back to the stadium where they saw the contestants running around the track.


The bees then entered the race well behind the starting pack, but quickly moved up positions. They had moved into 1st and 2nd position ahead of Dr. Ed N Out, when suddenly Crossroads passed them by.


Fade to black..........


"What are you doing?" Anomally asked Island.

"I'm making bee calls." Island replied. "C'mon Frank. Quit messing around. We gotta find these bees you released into the world before they do any damage. Help me out here!"


"No. No." Island deflected. "Don't try and pin this on me. This is definitely your fault. This is plagues of Egypt type $#!+. We can't afford to play around here. Now help me find these things before we have to tell everyone the end of the world as we know it was brought about thanks to a penguin. BZZZZZZZT! BZZZZZZT!"

"B! B! Bu! Buh!" Anomally stammered. "....................... Fine................ Bzzzzzt! Bzzzzzzt!"

The two continued to make their way through the streets of Hero City towards Downtown, stopping at every park along the way in hopes of getting lucky. At one such park, a group of hippies and other assorted types were having a "Save The Bees" rally. As the pair passed by, a woman with spiky pink hair, that almost seemed to mimic fire, shoved some pamphlets into their hands.

"Hello! My name is Pinkenstein, but my friends call me Pink. How are you today?" asked the woman. "Oh never mind about that. It doesn't really matter. Do you know what really matters? Bees! Do you have the time to hear about the grave danger the world is in due to the drastic decline in bee populations worldwide? A single beehive can be responsible for keeping entire ecosystems afloat. Without them, the world itself could die and we along with it."

"Wow!" said Island. "You seem to know a lot about bees. You wouldn't happen to have seen any around here, have you?"

"Actually," answered the woman as she pointed to a large, white, wooden box with a colony of bees buzzing inside. "We have a hive right here, graciously loaned to us for today's rally, by a local farmer."

"HA!" exclaimed Island. "Frank, give me the flamethrower!"

Not at all amused that Island called him by the first name of his secret identity in public, Anomaly tried to protest.

"Island, I don't think these are the bees we're looking for. They were loaned by a farmer and don't look anything like the ones we're searching for."

"We can't be too sure, Frank." Island said before yanking the flamethrower off Anomaly's back.

Anomaly wrestled with Island to try and stop him.

"No, Island!" he yelled, "You can't do this!"

"Don't try and stop me, Frank!" Island warned as Anomaly was already in the process of trying to stop him. "THIS IS FOR THE GOOD OF THE WORLD, FRANK! You even said so yourself! We gotta burn the bees!"

"Not all the bees!" pleaded Anomaly, before a misstep sent him careening to the ground. "Just the ones you created!"

"They could have already infected this hive, Frank!" Island countered, before setting the beehive on fire.

"OH MY GOD!!!!" screamed the pink haired woman. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING????"

"I'm saving the world, mam!" proclaimed Island as the woman attacked him.

"YOU MONSTER!" she screamed as she beat him into the concrete sidewalk, as Anomaly tried his best to put out the fire and save the honey bees.

"Let's see who you are under this mask, you villain!" she exclaimed as she yanked it off Island's face.

Gasps arose from the crowd, as witnesses recognized the man.

"It's Mayor Justice!" many could be heard saying.

"I can't believe what he did to those bees!"

"Oh my God! He's the worst Mayor this city has ever had!"

Island quickly responded, "B****, I'm the only Mayor this city ever had!" before the rest of the crowd joined the pink haired woman in pummeling the Mayor.

Quietly watching from the sidelines, Anomaly was grinning from ear to ear as he watched the universe give Island a small dose of what he often deserved.

TO BE CONTINUED............
Hail Hydra!!!!