Fan-fiction Contest November - Open - Visionary's Story Part II

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Fan-fiction Contest November - Open - Visionary's Story Part II

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"How are you certain your visions aren't of a future? With all the stories of time travel going on, it's not impossible that what you're seeing hasn't come to pass..." offered the psychologist. He and three others sat at different distances from Elijah, who was reclining on a faux-leather sofa and not feeling as comfortable as he would have liked.

Elijah replied, "No... I feel like I've already gone through this. How could this be something yet to come?"

Adjusting his glasses, the psychologist calmly said, "It is possible you've gone through this, but was sent to the past. We will need to do some more observations."

Rapidly getting to his feet, Elijah held back his frustration. "No! I am tired. Scans and probes, scans and probes. I already told the last set of people. If I'm living in the past, then take the information you have and do what you will, but I just want to go home." He stomped towards the door, but one of the other 'observers' moved to block his path. She held her arms out, but smiled softly.

"Just one thing, and we'll let you leave. Please?" she said quietly, her eyes seeming to grow larger with every word. Elijah's words of protest froze before they left his mouth, as his gaze was fully on the woman. Was he beguiled? He wasn't quite sure, but he nodded slowly.

She touched his shoulder, and Elijah's body nearly collapsed. "All I ask is that you carefully describe one of your visions. We have records of what you claimed to see, but we now have with us someone who can sketch your thoughts. Leave no trace. Give us a way to map your vision."

Still breathless, he walked back to the sofa. The woman sat next to him, then motioned to the psychologist. He pressed a button on a pad on the desk. After a few seconds, another man walked in, hair wild and untamed and dressed in a spectacularly-coloured outfit that shimmered and shone in the well-lit room. A BADGE agent followed, carrying what appeared to be an art easel, but with transparent paper. Elijah curiously looked at the wild-haired gentleman, then back to the woman.

She touched his forehead and Elijah felt faint.

"Nothing to fear, I promise. We are going to see exactly what you see. Now,... show us your vision. The one of battle and who exactly were your allies and adversaries. And where, if on this planet or another, it took place. Spare no detail."

Elijah's eyes closed. He could see everything. It was clear as the first time he saw it. He talked. As requested, no detail was spared. After two hours, he was finished,... and so was the mysterious sketch artist.

Everybody looked at the easel with amazement.

"What do you think?" asked the psychologist to the woman. "Do we escalate?"

Rising to her feet, the woman nodded and even Elijah snapped out of his trance. "Yes, the Director will want to be aware of this finding."
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