Father Time Raid - Or "How I Learned To Use Time To My Advantage"

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Father Time Raid - Or "How I Learned To Use Time To My Advantage"

Pharaoh Ankh Nakhti Meri Nesu
Father Time Raid - Or "How I Learned To Use Time To My Advantage"
Pharaoh Ankh Nakhti Meri Nesu
ID: 34761

Having opened the second to last Advent Calendar door, time itself seemed to warp into a horrible mess of quantum juxtaposition.  1940's army tanks, waged war with Union Soldiers from America's Civil War. Romans fighting Elephants were alongside Zulu's fighting british redcoats.

In the middle of it all, stood an old man in green - Father Time himself.  

I watched as several heroes attacked straight off, only to be turned into babies or old men when they got too close.  I turned and looked for Peyton, whom I had learned had time skills of his own.

"You there, Peyton!", I barked.  He turned and looked at me like a dog looks at a raw steak.  I ignored him, "We need to be able to hit without being affected by the time displacement.  Can you shield us while we attack?"

Peyton gave a nod and lifted his hands to counter the displacement emanating from the old man.  It worked, although weakly.  Long range attacks were easier and physical attacks were hardly worth attempting.  It became apparent quickly that Mental attacks worked best.  They didn't have to pass through the quantum field in the same way as the others did.  

Alright... Mental attacks it would be.  I quickly switched out some rings I had and upped my Mental prowess.

Other heroes and villains were doing the same, and soon hordes upon hordes of super powered beings were doing mental body slams to Father Times brain.

Some were much more effective than others.  The one known as Acid Burn aka Krystal Fae, was doing severe damage to him, while other younger heroes like Jeetaur were working hard to keep up with the mental gymnastics.  

This was my opportunity that I had been waiting for.

While I applied my own considerable mental fortitude against the Old Man, I used the time wisely and made mental notes on many of the heroes and villains that were present.  One known as Silver Paladin and another as Chained Angel made serious headway against the man, while many others were in another league entirely - Literally, they were in a league named WMD.  

The WMD attackers were truly impressive.  A giant snake man, a creature I can only describe as Anubis with his skin ripped off, and a man with flaming hot wings, racked up damage like they were playing some online game.

My plans to take over this world certainly seemed to be an uphill climb.  But dominate it, I shall.  I always do.

I had to consider briefly if Father Time was actually an ally that I could use to bring back the Egyptian times I remember from my original mortal life.  But after seeing the pure chaos that this fool represented to all of space/time, it was clear he had to be stopped... but not before I could take a piece of that quantum knowledge for myself.  

I deduced, thanks to my now impressive mental capabilities, that by damaging the old man, I could slowly siphon bits of his power away for myself.  I began building up a reservoir of Quantum Manipulation power, that I could use.

If we defeated this time displacement fiend, and I had some doubts as to our ability to do so, then I would have secured enough time powers for myself to begin my plots.  But first, the old man had to be hit, and hit hard.

Luckily, I am a being of perpetual energy.  I have enough energy stored within me to blast mental assault after mental assault upon this fool.  While my attacks may not be as powerful as some, I am able to attack more often than most, allowing me to steal more and more Quantum Power.

~~~ Old style radio voice cuts in ~~~~

"That's right folks, you to can build an Energy Alt and use it to build a Headquarters for FREE!  That's right, FREE!!  Just go on down to your local Hanzo School of Anything goes, and you too, could be an Energy Alt!

Hanzo School of Anything Goes - How to Build a HQ for Free!

~~~  Old style radio voice kicks off ~~~

"What the hell was that?"  More time displacement, I am sure.  Ah well, back to the fight.  "Time" to take this guy down!  He is going to get his Clock cleaned!  ok ok... back to the fight...
Pharaoh Ankh Nakhti Meri Nesu

ID: 34761

I am Nature Incarnate. I am Inevitable.  I am Eternal.