Furious Squirrel takes 7th in Fencing

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Furious Squirrel takes 7th in Fencing

Furious Squirrel decided that he would join the fencing for the Olympics. He wasn't a good cook and his dodgeball skills weren't the best considering how often he was picked last on the playground as a kid. so, fencing it was.

Round one was easy. He stood across from a sleezy looking dude who had two Iphones he tried to sell. Turned out that this idiot didn't realize what kind of fencing this was. He was disqualified and brought in for questioning by BADGE.

Round two wasn't easy, but Furious fought with all his newly founded skills and beat Dr. Swiper in a fair match.

Round three was a little strange, the woman he was supposed to be fighting thought it was a dancing contest and was fighting while wearing a ball gown. Furious lost, but got her number.

After a lot of fencing, Furious ended up in 7th place, his best for the entire Olympics. He didn't win a medal, but he was proud of himself and his skill.