Harbinger Raid Prelude

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Harbinger Raid Prelude

    Futurina in front of Keri (Astra) and Doug (Robot X) as they prepared to board the shuttle to the BADGE space station.  She wore her typical attire, Blue leather armor, Blue leather thigh high boots, silvery leggings, and blue leather jacket.  "You'll be fine on the Station," She assured them.  They had no reason to disagree, she had seen the possibilities, this was the safest option.

   "You could come with us," Keri stated.  "You're a known hero." Doug shook his head in agreement.

    "I'm a retired hero," Futurina corrected.  "I am just Futurina the non-magical elf with psionics.  My powers are not Morphon based or enhanced.  If Nova needs me he can get ahold of me, though I do wish he listen to my warnings.  He is who he is."  She shrugged at that.  She hugged her adopted daughter, then gave Doug a hug.

   Keri and Doug entered the shuttle and saw The Sword of Gerraxia also on the shuttle.  "Hi, Gerri, I thought you had your own shuttle?" Keri asked.

   "I do," Gerri replied.  "I was ordered to take this official shuttle.  I thought you could teleport there?"

   "I can, but I'm under the same orders," Keri acknowledged.  "BADGE thinks we'll be safer this way."
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