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What's Happening heroes & villains? how is your season going so far?
The other day I was searching for some past art I created and I decided to share this post to the Heroes Rising community. Since Christmas and the Holidays are right around the corner I thought it would be best to start off with this, Dan Peyton provides the sketches in these events and us players colored them in:

It was a Christmas/Holiday card theme event and you can view the other entries at this thread post:

Now I have an idea for the game. My suggestion is to have an Art event in which players can create or color a Christmas Tree and or Ornaments and much like the past Easter Egg event have these be found through out the game and maybe have the Ornaments or Trees be consumables like the eggs. And maybe have a contest for the most creative looking ornaments or trees, top winners get a card or something. Perhaps there is not enough time this year to get in the game because of the game schedule has already been made, but maybe next year?

Moving on, here is some of my other pieces of art entered in events:

You can view the players art entries at:

Probably my favorite:

Other players Art at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232301183620548/permalink/1374166149434040/

Coloring is Key event:

View other players art at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232301183620548/permalink/1537135079803812/

A few more Art/Coloring events:

View other players art at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232301183620548/permalink/1416879485162706/

Another event:

View other players entries at:

Egg Art Contest:

because one of the eggs I created was selected as one of the top enteries it was also made into a special card that received.

You can view other eggs made by the other players at:

There was another Egg Art contest:

You can view other eggs created by other players at:

And there was even a Duck Art event for Strange Quark at:
here is my entry:

This Art event I must have deleted my entries and didn't save them anywhere, however I did color in 3 different football players, a Lightning man, a Fire & Ice man, and a Camouflage man, I did however save the bonus art I created for the Mega Blocker card, I suggested we could have some kind of art contest for that as well.

You can view other art made by other players for this event at:

The latest Art/Coloring event:

View the other creative art and coloring entries at:

Some other art I created I cannot find or it was deleted, however I did create or color many other entries for other players in the past art events so they could also earn some MP cards.
I encourage all players to participate in these Art/Coloring events provided by Dan Peyton so you can earn or win some nice prizes or Morphon cards that you may keep or sell, and to also showcase some of your creative talents. Have a nice & safe Holiday Season! Keep Drifting!

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ID: 10821