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Heroes Rising Fiction Contest: What were you doing when...

Gargoyle "Gar"

Yes, heroes, it is time to hear your story again. A lot has happened over the past months. Lady Phoenix went mad and nearly destroyed the world. Heroes across the planet were summoned to stop her and help protect the planet from certain destruction. Not too long after that, a giant robot appeared in Las Vegas and began destroying the town. BADGE would love to hear what you were doing during those events.

• Fiction must be between 500-5000 words, don’t worry if you are slightly over the word count, just don’t go too far.

• Content must be PG13. No Erotica and nothing that is explicitly derogatory or inflammatory. Keep it fun for everyone.

- Judges have final authority over content, at their sole discretion.

Entering your story:

• All submissions should be posted as a top level post to the fan fiction forum. Include in the title of your post, “Contest Entry: (title of work)” Only posts with this as the title will be considered for the contest.

Don't forget to put your player id number somewhere in the post so we know who to give the rewards to.

• The first line of the post should include “Contest Entry” and your in game player id (from your profile page)

• Post your story any time before the morning of April 1st.


All reasonably good stories will get copies of the power card “Good Job”. (Worth 10mp each when sold)

The best stories will also get 3, 4 or 5 copies of “Stop the Presses” featured cards. (Worth 30mp each when sold)

Your stories will be featured on the front page of this site, and linked to from the homepage of Heroes Rising.

All prizes will go out the first week of April.

As always, all reasonable effort fiction posted in the forum is eligible for one “Reality Writer” card per week. So, just turning in something will earn you a 10mp card.

Special note: Plagiarism is not acceptable. Be original, do not use another story as your own. I know how hard it is to come up with original ideas, but do your best. I know Marvel and DC have come up with some cool stuff over the years, but don't borrow from them. Tell me your story, not theirs. I don't expect you to write professionally, just put effort in.