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The Inkling

Following the events from "Madam-Marvelous-Chapter-Five-Frozen-Vacuum-Collaborative-Open-to-All-td1886.html", Ice Ray Academy for a certain amount of time underwent repairs magical mundane and physical in nature.

During this time, all Academy members who had not been there during the invasion of villains were summarily notified by dreams and psychic messages to return for debriefing and to help everyone heal from the trauma endured.

During this time, the staff and students have been apprised to beware of the World Corps Court and the Meta Human Activities branch and avoid them at all costs even if it means avoiding Earth 1 for the time being. It is a very small price to pay to keep the school and those who live there safe from those who knowingly would abuse their abilities for immense evil and destruction.

Collette Sackville-Baggs has returned from her trip accompanying Krystal Fae to her ancestral Fae-Realm. She has become disheartened partly due to running into an old for named Robin and partly because her own personal quest for the Academy did not result in any positive answers except for Futurina having her name finally restored after so long.

Jenna Firemage had fully recovered from her personal trauma as had Corrine Daniels but both suffered a sudden relapse after the new villains attacked Ice Ray Academy. Rhys Thuryn has been worked to the bone helping Aphrael and the teachers keep everyone else healthy.

With the Harbinger Raid over, the Academy has again become a sanctuary for families of those seeking refuge from the World Corps. Materials and magic to prevent the World Corps traitors from locating them has been mined from secret locations known only to Academy teachers and alumni.
ID: 11292 AphraeltheFaeChildGoddessofInnocence sacrificed herself to fully defeat Drochah. She will never be able to be reincarnated ever again. Back to rping in group chats however not too often due to mental issues (imagination under strict recovery orders.) Still playing Heroes Rising though.