LEGION of DOOM (the brotherhood of villains unite)

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LEGION of DOOM (the brotherhood of villains unite)

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(CHAPTER 1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

     The sounds of screams echo. Bangs and clangs of metal constantly ripples through the halls. Strapped and confined in a cell the size of a coffin a villain lays, eyes wide, watching shadows on the ceiling. Purgatory Prison is home to the most vicious of criminals and for this creature the hope of the world is he be forgotten there. Now there are others that didn’t feel that way.

     It could t have been more then 3am. A night guard doing his rounds cursed to himself as he looked in at all these evil beings he is charged to watch. Tapping each cell as he counted the criminal inside. As he came to the end of pod a sudden shimmer, a paralyzing vibration took the guard in and before he could yell out the vail collapsed and with it all of his body as he was turned to a pile of misformed flesh.

     A figure floated down and with a smile began moving through the hall. Lights flicked and faded as the shadowed silhouette breezed by and at the end of corridor stopped and eyed a coffin shaped box behind the last door. The shadow faded into the door to appear next to the coffin box. The shadow started to gain shape and in form the it is now known what it was…….. SORCERESS.

     In a dark dungeon many miles away a flash of colors formed in a swirl just above the mossy floor.  Flashes of shapes came into focus and bam, Sorceress and the coffin was there. The  box begins to creak and the sound of pops as the stretching broke loose of the welds. The metal sounds stopped all at once. Silence fell in the old dank dungeon and with an ear piercing crash the box shattered and a body laying on the floor stretched and sat up.
      DOOM was released, free of the manmade hell he was in for so long. He looked around and slowly worked his way over to his rescuer.

 “Sorceress” he belched in deep tone.

 “Doom” she gave in response. She lifted her hand to brush off shards of metal still clinging and said “Seems like we could be of use to each other.”  

Doom snickered “It does seem that way”

Sorceress looked around and spoke “I have a plan for the future of our brethren. I have built this sanctuary to hold and hide some of the most powerful of supervillains.” She laughed and proceeded “ you are the first of many. No more will we be ousted be the bleeding heart heroes. Stand with me Doom and together we will rule the world.”

Doom looked down and examined the floor. He was a once a hero of legend but after the battle in SHC he became the bringer of death but the sound of facing a world of heroes along wasn’t appealing.
Doom gazed towards Sorceress “I will join you”. Doom looked at the hands and surged energy in them. “ we have a lot to do and I know just where to start.”

  Doom turned to walk away and after a few steps looked back and asked “ What are we to be called.”
And with a loud laugh Sorceress was fading in a mist of colors and the response echoed in the stone fortress “ Legion of Doom.”

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