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LW6 Breaking news ~ƝMĐŞ~ Highlights'

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Helloooooo Juggalo's and sports fans, like always it is I The GREAT MILENKO the host with the most
bringing you this live Breaking News updates from your favorite LW team
Ɲö Mєяςý ĐξλŦђ Şqџąɗ

  I say to the millions of fans watching from around the world, Welcome to Clear Clown Channel 17
Dark Carnival's very extraordinarily live special presentation of yet another once-in-a-lifetime,
breathtaking, bomb-ass event, and this one is one of the records book.

   I'm talking about both ~ƝMĐŞ~ teams going for Silver in LW6 round three's battle.  
Lets first talk about how we got here.
In round one both of our ~ƝMĐŞ~ teams took a brutal lose from the ♦ AVENGERS 5¹ ♦
in division two and five, but in round two both teams took home uninspected wins that
went down to the wire defeating 5TH PRECINCT WISE GUYS division 5
& ꆜ⚫ƗŇŦØ ŦĦ€ ĐΔŘҜŇ€ŞŞ⚫ꆜ division 2.
Now ~ƝMĐŞ~ has only One thing on their Minds in this most anticapated and talked about round 3
and that's  bringing home the Silver.
  Without further ado, I bring to you the live coverage of round three action
staring our very own dynamic and explosive Dark Carnival superstar's it's
~ƝMĐŞ~ ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ Ɲö Mєяςý ĐξλŦђ Şqџąɗ

Signing off THE GREAT MILENKO Whoop Whoop   MMFWCL  <3

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ID: 15600