Madam Marvelous: Chapter Nine "Never look out the window while Time Traveling"

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Madam Marvelous: Chapter Nine "Never look out the window while Time Traveling"

Madam Marvelous
"We're going where?" I asked. I couldn't wrap my mind around what Starmaster had just told me about Nova's last order.

"He's called for every able bodied hero to enter the temporal rift and join the fight against Drochah in the future," Starmaster said. "This is going to be where we end it or it all ends."

"You've got to be kidding me?" Wyldfyre said. "We can't leave and go and fight old one-eye's fight in the future. What about the here and now? Futurina is still missing. We can't go off like Doctor Who and abandon the here and now for a future that won't be happening for centuries!"

"Not Doctor Who. Just the Doctor," Catalyst said. He was typing into his tablet, unhappy with whatever it was telling him. "The show is Doctor Who, but his name isn't."

"Shut it, nerd," Wyldfyre said. "I've gone lots of places I never wanted to for BADGE and you guys before, but this one is a... a... a... quantum leap too far."

As they argued, I couldn't escape the thought of actually traveling forward through time. I'd fallen through a rift to the past last year thanks to the Spirit of Halloween and gone back to a BADGE celebration for Director Nova, but going forward into the unknown was new territory. Literally, the newest territory possible, as the future doesn't exist yet.

But General Nova came here from the future, as did the message passed back to us through Gar. So the future did already exist. With all the death and destruction around us recently, I wondered if we could return earlier and stop the World Corps before this all happened.

But if we did stop it before it all happened, then we wouldn't need to go to the future because it wouldn't happen the same way...

My head started to ache. I finally understood why Five was so grumpy all the time on the Umbrella Academy. Time travel warps the mind when you just think about it. What would become of us if we actually did it?

"I can't make any of you go. It's your choice," Starmaster said as he created a telekinetic bubble around himself, leaving an opening for others to join him on the interior. "I will say I want all of you by my side for this, because I trust each and every one of you to do your best. We may succeed without those of you who want to stay, but I'm certain we can succeed if we give it our all."

Between the gathered leagues of the Star Force, Star Force Junior League, and L.U.S.H., we filled the translucent sphere, all but Astra. She and Doug teleported off on there own. Wyldfyre stood beside his oldest friend, Starmaster, with his arms crossed as the bubble lifted. "You'd better be right about this."

Catalyst stood beside Starmaster on the other side, a green glow surrounding him and Starmaster. His enhancement field must be how Starmaster was able to transport all of us at once as supersonic speeds to the rift. It took a few minutes, but when we arrived we all could see the multitude of others heading through.

"Here we go," Starmaster said as we flew into the dark opening for the future fight for the present...

Oh, my head.
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