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ARTICLE SUBMISSION: POV of a New Player: Friends
BY: Ralph
PLAYER ID: 35973

The friends feature in Heroes Rising can be a bit confusing for us new people so I am hoping I can demystify some of it for newbies.  It is a lot more then just "I have friends and can send them gifts".  It actually helps to make you stronger and able to use more power cards!

Let's take a look at your Friends list first.  When you first join, you have literally two people listed: Yourself and Director Nova. That means you have a Friend count of 2.  Now I have a friend count of 306 (and I will show you how to increase your number in a moment), and my level is 28.  28 x 5 cards per level is 140 total cards I can have.  If I had less than 28 friends, I would have less access to power cards.  Lets say I was level 28, but only had 10 friends.  10 x 5 cards per level is 50 power cards I could have, instead of 140. Maxing out your friends, is the best way to max out your number of cards per level.

Now you may be thinking, why isn't it 306 friends x 5 cards then?  Because I am only level 28.  You are maxed by your level.  Gain levels, and you will gain access to more power cards at one time.

OK, so clearly having more friends is really important, but how to do make those friends?  Oddly, it isn't just through charm and good looks.  You have to go and ask these people to be friends with you.  And while it is not difficult, it can be a long and tedious process.  But the benefit of having lots of friends makes it worth it.  And those people out there you are asking to be your friend ALSO need friends, so almost all of them will say yes.  Let's look at how it is done.

First, you need to find a way to see a good solid list of people.  You can do this in a couple of ways.  You can go down a battle list from the main battle page, however there are a lot of heroes listed there that are no longer active, so they wont respond.  You dont want to waste your time.

You can go to the KOTM section of fights, which will show you only people that have joined those battles recently.  The bonus here is that these people are very active and are more likely to see your request.  

Just recently, we had a League Wars.  Now, while I am not in a league yet, I can still see the league wars participants.  This gave me access to a HUGE number of players all at once, that I was able to send a ton of friend requests too.  That is why I have 306 friends, and that number is still growing as people continue to see my requests in their inbox and respond.

You can also go on facebook if your account is linked to your facebook account, and go to the Heroes Rising Players page.  Make a post saying that you are new and need friends, give them your Player ID, and people will start adding you as a friend on Facebook.  Anyone that is a friend on facebook AND plays Heroes Rising will automatically be added to your friends list in game.  If you dont use Facebook to access the game at all, then dont worry about this part.

OK, you found a source to sift through people to make friends... How do you do that?  Glad you asked.  Click on the very first persons name at the top of your list.  So on my list, again, I went into the League War section, went to the top of the leagues fighting, and clicked on a  league.  This then gave me a list of people in each individual league.  Apparently you need 7 people to be in a league war, so there are at least 7 in each one on these lists, some with as many as 12.  

In this example, I am clicking on the league -\\\\ PAIN Inc. ////-.  When I go into their league, I can scroll down to see the people in it.  


Let's take the very top guy who is Dr. Hyde (I think) and it opens his profile page.  Under the dual button is a Send Teammate Request button, which you want to click.  

It will grey out and then show that the Teammate Request has been sent.

Now, use your back button on your browser, and you will pop back to the league member page and choose the second person, the third, etc.  Send everyone in the league a request, and then move on to the next league.  Like I said, this can be tedious.  You are just clicking over and over.  But the pay out is worth it when you have a bunch of friends that will assist in making you stronger, as well as give you lots of people to send gifts to in the gifts section we talked about last week.

OK so that is our Friends list, and now you know why they are so important.  You need friends to send and receive gifts, and the higher your friends list, the more maxed out your number of cards you can use per level will be.  I think that will lead us to the use of those power cards next week on the POV of a New Player.  Let's make sure we are using our cards effectively, and know your different types of cards you have access to.  

See you next week!
ID: 35973