Post-Skirmish Smouldering (A 'Bad Publicity' side story)

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Post-Skirmish Smouldering (A 'Bad Publicity' side story)

Aflima, Warrior of Fire
Aflima flew alongside the BADGE aircraft. He could have easily used his abilities to speed ahead to the landing site, but didn't want to interfere with BADGE's plans, if they wanted to set up any perimeters or anything else protocol-related. Besides, the scenery was beautiful and it was nice to admire things without feeling like he was rushing to battle. He was already aware that whatever skirmish that had transpired, was already over.

As he landed, he saw BADGE agents and other crew members assemble temporary buildings and set up communication cables. The crew was clearly a well-oiled machine.

In his comms, he heard Nova's voice, asking him to meet up with Dracomeander. Aflima was happy to get to link up with a leaguemate.

"What's up?" asked Aflima cheerfully as he approached Dracomeander.

"Got a bit of wreckage to sift through," came the reply, "but it's a bit too hot to handle for most. BADGE however wants info immediately, as any delay means any possible leads get colder."

"Is Gar joining us?"

"I think otherwise he'd help, but he's with Director Nova with his debriefing. Apparently Quark is in a rough state, but I'm sure we'll find out more soon enough."

Aflima pulled out his sunglasses. "Understood. What a mess, eh?"

"You said it. One thing,... whoever's bankrolling all these robots, or used-to-be-robots, that is..."

Aflima nodded. "they certainly have... one... nice... bank balance."


As Aflima donned his shades, the faint voice of "YEAAAAAAAAAAA!" was heard in the nearby woods.

* Aflima, Warrior of Fire - ID 10898 *