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Brain Chef

This forum is still very much a work in progress, but we really just can't wait to let you Heroes start sharing your stories.

Create an account and start posting your stories in this forum.

As we get more and more created, we'll copy some of the best stories on the the front page.

Thank you heroes!
BCDC (Nick Shapiro)
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An Origin Story

Non-canonical - just an Origin Story I felt compelled to write.

Lafayette looked down at his leg and all he saw was blood. So much blood. The metal trap had cut through to the bone and he was miles from help. It was at that moment, he knew he was going to die. He was certain of it. He looked out over the savanna and thought to himself, “This is not so bad.”

He grew lightheaded, and in a moment of desperation, perhaps revelation was a better word, he did something he had not done in years: he began to pray. He began to pray, out loud, not to the God of the Missionaries, but to his ancestors. He felt, deep in his heart of hearts, that he had betrayed them.

Surprisingly, his thoughts were not for himself, he had led a good life, but for the farmers and herdsmen who would have no one to turn to for help. No one to be their voice. He thought of the animals in the park, large and small, who owed their lives to his efforts. He thought of the baby rhino he was raising because poachers had killed its mother for her horn. Of all the cruel waste and foolish greed! The thought of it made him angry.

“Tembe’” came a soft voice, calling to him. “Tembe’ wake up.”

No one had called him that in many years. It was a special name, a secret name, he had been given by an Elder when he became a young boy. He was told to cherish it.

“Death has come at last,” he thought to himself, “I am hallucinating.”

“No Tembe’, you are not dead. Your life has just begun. Open your eyes.” Lafayette complied.

Before Lafayette stood a figure wearing a robe of earthen tones and carrying a long wooden spear. His face was simultaneously young and strong, and old and wise. His voice was deep, melodic and commanding. Beyond this figure were more, and a brilliant yellow-white light. It made him blink.

“Who are you?” asked Lafayette.
“Do you not recognize me? Has it been so long, Tembe’?” came the reply.

“Why do you call me Tembe’? My name is Lafay...” he answered.

“Your true name is Tembe’,” the voice interrupted, “do you know what it means?”

“No, I do not,” he replied.

“It means Shadow Warrior, in the ancient tongue.” As Tembe’, as Shadow Warrior, you will leave behind your mortal life, but you will continue your work. See you are healed.”

Tembe’, for despite his best efforts, he could not now think of himself as anything but, looked down. To his amazement, he was free of the trap. His leg was healed and he was whole and healthy.

“Your work is not done. The world has need of you, Tembe’. You were bold and brave before, but you were but one man. Now you are more, so much more.. The spirits of those who have gone before have seen to it. Our gifts we give to you freely. We know you will use them wisely.”

“What gifts?” queried Tembe’

“You will see. You have been reborn and you have much to learn.”
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Re: An Origin Story

"Evo did you get any beers? My head feels like the world just ended and then started again - that's gotta be a hangover kicking in cos stuff like that doesn't really happen."
"Im sorry ghost boy but there are no beers."
"If there's no beer the world might as well just end."
"You should know better than to tempt fate like that. What if dad was listening?"
"Is there somewhere you can get me a beer from?"
"Jeez the world ends ... Then its reborn ... And you're still one needy son of a..."
"Did you just ..."
"So this isn't a hangover?"
"And this is a fully formed, fully functioning new world?"
"Looks like it."
"So it'll have a bar!"
"And Danny will be there and he'll have my usual!"
"I'm not promising that ..."
"No trust me baby  ... Danny will be there. We best go find him."
"Did you bring your wallet? Or a phone?"
" Meh Meh Meh details Evo sweetie details. We gotta prioritise. First we find a bar, then we find Danny, and then everything else will just fall into place."
"I'd argue Phantom ... But for some reason I think you're probably right."
"Tell you something else babe ... I bet Pinks already got a round in!"
"Now you know your pushing it!"

We took out Aegis1 .... and then the world ended. Guess we should learn from that ...mines a double!

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The Introduction

In reply to this post by Brain Chef
IDENTITY: Skelanimal
PLACE OF BIRTH: Underworld
GROUP AFFILIATION: Dark Angels, Foundation, a51 & WMD

TYPE: Skeleton
WEIGHT: 700lbs.
EYES: none
HAIR: none
AGE: 1-7 days

Combined instincts of ALL Beasts
Unmatched strength in darkness
Invisibility in the moonlight
Undead, rising again every 7 days
Skelanimal is a simple creature; a pet for his Master Diabolos - his creator. He was born from the bone and ashes of men. He stands by Master’s throne ready to do his bidding upon request. Like a simple dog that retrieves a bone, Skelanimal’s sole purpose is to mindlessly please.
As an undead, he has the powers supplied to him by his Master: flight and instincts of all wild beasts. He has an unrelenting ravenous sense of loyalty. His unmatched strength in darkness is balanced by his invisibility in moonlight. He can’t be found during the day.

These attributes make him somewhat unpredictable yet powerful. He may be damaged and wounded but may not die, for he is already dead. His physical state is restored every seven days. He is at his weakest on day seven, only to rise again anew. He is a towering beast carrying the weight of three men, although he wears no flesh on his bones.
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Re: The Introduction

Once upon a time ... Or just before closing time ... It was one of those two options ... I was at the top of my game.
I'd been able to get some bling from WISE and then been a founder of the 5th Precinct and we'd been THE law.
Then I kinda strayed from the whole justice path. I could blame it on Evolution and her feminine persuasive skills, or Pink and her physically persuasive skills, or Danny and his alcoholically persuasive skills.
Maybe it was meeting God ... Or "the father-in-law" as I now referred to him.
But whoever I blame everything went really turbulent for a while.
Then the big man tapped me on the shoulder.
Von Healing made me man up and try to be a true guardian. He did a good job.
Not gonna lie ... He really upped my game ... But there was something I had to do.
I'd grown in power and I was frankly a bit unstable.
I was a walking weapon.
Capable of mass destruction.
But way too easily hit by mass distractions.
A short restorative stay on the island got my head in the game.
But then ... Let's not go all conspiracy theory - that's a few more drinks away - but I kinda found my way into the secretive hidden world of Area51. I blame it on too many drunk evenings watching YouTube videos ... Huntercats and stinky fists, that one about a sniper and his wrath, angels of justice, general shenanigans ... And of course ice bucket fails ... Let's be fair any time a bucket of ice isn't used to cool a few beers its a massive fail.
Where was I?
Oh yeah ... So I kinda felt like the End Of Days was coming ... It had been coming for aegis ... Oi! Autocorrect alert ... I meant to say ages! Jeez I rely on my wrist comp to sort out my typos and the damn thing tries to get me in trouble.
So anyway ... Yeah we had this fight for control of the city. It was a big deal ... Like ... Like having a chance to win a piss up in the KBCorp brewery!
It all looked good.
But I think we kinda broke something.
I never did it!
Nobody saw me ... There's no proof!
But after the dust settled and me and the guys breathed a sigh of winners relief we all grabbed a cold one, talked some shit and sat down in a hillside overlooking the city to watch the sunset.
I always thought sunsets were romantic ... I used to take Evo to watch them - and it was a 80/20 chance of getting lucky.
But this one was different.
It got dark ...
Like everything was turned off.
But then a glimmer of light.
A little flicker of brightness.
And then I was stood next to the missus and there was definite daylight.

We had a chat ... Some stuff about world's ending and being reborn, and Danny and a beer.

Evo found the way to this city that was just like literally rising out of the ashes of the old world.

She asked for directions! I refused!

But there was a group of guys who looked seriously familiar. And they were all talking about "what do we do now?" and "What kind of world are we gonna build?" or "has anyone got any cash that we can use to get shit started?". Me ... I hung around and asked the important questions ... " who's round is it?" "Is that a double?" and "what kind of stew would a brain chef serve?".

But then Evo said we had to get real. We needed somewhere to live, and cushions.... I don't get it but I don't argue ... and ... Oh there was other stuff but I kinda phased out.

Not literally! Evo gets pissy if I try to ghost out during " serious talk".

But then I saw this advert ... and I thought yeah why not ... I can be a hero - it was easy enough last time. And there are parts of me that are into rising - ask Evo! (nudge nudge ... hehehehehe).

So I got myself signed up, grabbed another beer and told Evo "Yeah babe its fine, whatever, blue's nice, sure I'll get a new sofa, your new friends can pop over tomorrow evening - I promise to behave" ... Or something along those lines.

But I'm not gonna lie I kinda wasn't listening. I was too busy thinking stuff like "Will I get a new outfit?" "Do I get a new tag?" "Will I still have to keep poking the irritable giant snake thingy" and "Is Mimsy gonna be here soon?"

Oh the possibilities ...

You know what I say ...

Let's drink to the future.

And then drink to the possibilities.

And then ... You know ... Just generally drink.

But not too much cos Evo is expecting my "hero to rise" later .....
We took out Aegis1 .... and then the world ended. Guess we should learn from that ...mines a double!

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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

In reply to this post by Brain Chef
It wasn’t that Shyla loved to brood in her dark cold room, it was that she was hiding from the world. Shyla was an extreme empath as the last human she came into contact with found out. Shyla was forced out of her small economy sized apartment two months ago when some young jokester pulled the fire alarm forcing everyone to leave. Shyla waited till the last minute for her to leave trying to keep from being around the people, the panic, and the worry. Shyla walked out of her door locking it quickly as she went to climb down the back of the fire escape when Billy a young teen her age who lived in a different part of the building came running down the hall. As Billy got closer Shyla was starting to feel his heart racing, his fear, and his rage, all that Billy was as an intense hormone enraged teenager. No longer being able to control her empathy as Billy touched her to ask if he could help her body sent a huge wave of emphatic energy, nearly killing Billy which his own emotions. Shyla went to help him but knew she couldn’t, so with tears in her eyes she regressed back into her room hoping it was a fire and she hoped it would consume her first. She wasn’t dead that night and to Billy eventually regained total consciousness though he was never fully himself again.
It was Tuesday and Shyla was ready to go out of the house at 3:15 am the time she felt no one left in Sun Dawn City would be around. She made her way out of the building in her long yet skin tight black and purple dress on, her long jet black hair reaching the mid of her back, and her flared black jacket on preparing for the cold empty night of walking the city. It was turning 4 am and her journey around the city was coming to an end, just as she was getting close to her apartment building two masked men snuck up behind her. Shyla could feel them approaching and her heightened senses picked up on everything they felt from their pure evil souls to their bravado of knowing they found an easy and possibly fun prey for the end of the night. Shyla was nearly paralyzed the evil emotions and intentions of the two men approaching her in what they thought was complete stealth. Just as the men went to touch her she turned around in rage, remembering what happened to Billy and knowing no one deserved to be hurt and channeled all she was feeling and without even touching either man who were still 3-4 feet away sent a surge of empathic energy the likes of which knocked both men over 50 feet away. Shyla hardly able to control her breath as she saw the pool of blood expanding around each man’s head raced back into her apartment locking the door sinking back into the depths of her always darkened life.
It was a more than a week now since Shyla came out of her apartment, but she knew in order to survive she needed to go from her what used to be a nightly walk. As she wrapped herself up tightly once more she remembered how much she loved Sun Dawn City and the amazing architecture that existed in the city. On her walk home, she looked at one of the newspaper dispensers which proudly displayed the Sun Dawn Times and the headline read “SUN DAWN STILL LOOKING FOR HERO DEEMED “DAWN’S VENGENCE”
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the lamentable rise of PhrostByte

Bleu Phoenix
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In reply to this post by Brain Chef
Name: PhrostByte  Identity: Tori Paulson  
Legal Status:  Person of Interest in 3 murders wanted for questioning
Marital Status: Widowed by Daniel Paulson                                                                      Family: Noah and Kelcey Paulson both deceased
Affiliation none yet seeking others
Place of Origin United States Of America

Flight, Element Manipulation:  various forms of cold, ice, snow, etc., Automatic Interface with any data device through thought.  PhD in Computer Science, Brown Belt in Aikido, I don't even know what else at this moment.  I'm still learning.

Tori was plugging away on her laptop.  Trying to finish this consulting job she took for Mr. Pongetti, in order to help pay for this two week get away in Vermont where she, her husband Daniel, and her children Noah and Kelcey could enjoy a rental house and ski their hearts out.  Let's face it being a PhD in Computer Science and a professor, doesn't always cover the bills.   Even with her husband, also a professor but of English, bringing in a pay check, a side job usually helps cover this extravagance every year.  Her and Danny had a  bet as to who would finish first, his driving to the lodge or her accounting work.  

Slamming the laptop, Tori crows,"I win!!!!"
"You type too damn fast", Danny replies.
"Kids be quiet I have to make a phone call, that means nothing funny out of you, you loser"  Tori sticks her tongoue out at Danny.

Tori calls Mr. Pongetti, "'Sir, I've finished all the accounting work you wanted me to organize.  You were right sir, your books were a mess.  I've got all the data safely stored I'll bring it to you personally AFTER my ski trip.  Do you have any questions?"

"I knew you could handle it,  you came highly recommended by the way", Anthony Pongetti states.

"Glad to hear it.  You wouldn't want to give me the name of my fan would you?"

"Who me? I never give up names, never" Pongetti answers.

"Well we're almost there I'll see you in a couple of weeks."

Tori relaxes in the seat looking out at the snow, the deep snow banks that fall down and away from the road.  After a few miles she notices the sound of engines revving hard, it sounds like two of them.  Turning around she spots two off-road vehicles heading their way.  They are going to want to pass them in a few minutes.  Telling Danny, he slows down giving the other vehicles the chance to pass. Oddly though, they remain behind pulling up almost too close.  Suddenly rapid gun fire is heard.  Tori looks to Danny and sees he's been hit in the head twice.  Afraid to, Tori turns around seeing both her beautiful children murdered as well.  More bullets head their way, the car suddenly stops as it hits a tree throwing her and her laptop free of the car.  Before she can move, she is buried by layers of snow and ice.  It feels like a boulder on her, but she grips her laptop for comfort.  She doesn't' know who did this but they will pay, is the last thought before she loses consciousness.

Hours later, she hears familiar voices.  Struggling she pulls herself free of the heavy snow.  As she breaks free, her laptop crumbles to pieces.   Surprisingly her skin is now blue, and her pixie cut hair is now purple, like her finger and toe nails.   The snow created a metamorphosis.  What other changes were done to her.  
She wants to be at the top of the drift/ditch she was buried in and suddenly she floats to the road where her family waits for her.  Her Murdered family.  

Arriving on the road she sees two of the guys always around Pongetti Jr., also called lil' Johnny.  They have cans of gas and are pouring it all over my car.  They Are Going to Burn My Family!!!!!

The goons turn around and jaws drop.  Goon 1 says, "You should be dead"
"Yet here I am"
THey pull guns from their jackets aim and fire.  I put both hands in front of me, and ice shoots out forming an impenetrable shield in front of me.  Once I hear the click of empty guns I wave my hand and the shield evaporates immediately.  I'm so angry i just point one hand at each of them and encase them in ice up to their elbows.

"You have one chance boys!  Just one!  What the hell is going on?"
They both struggle to free themselves but it's impossible.  My ice is as hard as diamonds, just like the rage inside of me.  Goon 1 finally decides to speak.

"lil' Johnny wants to take over from his dad and doesn't want to wait for him to pass the torch.  Johnny wants to run the family business"

"Which business is that"

"You really are clueless, we're the mob and you just put the books in order for the first time in ages.  He wanted to take over the money first,  your laptop was supposed to be the key.   And with you and your family dead no one could take it from him."

"Well i don't think you succeeded.  My laptop is in pieces.  Does Tony know about this?"

"You think we'd still be alive if he did?"

"Where's your phone"

He told me it was in his inside pocket.  As I pull it out there's a nice hum but it's locked.  Thinking all I need to do is talk to Tony and get this mess cleaned up.  The phone dials Tony quick as my thought.  I lay everything out for him.  Wondering if the backup data is still on the hidden encrypted directory on the University servers.  The data starts to scroll on the screen.  I let him know his data is safe for now and for proof I think I want goon 1 to video chat with him.  The screen just changes to a video call.  I point it at the him and say spill everything from murdering my family to Johnny trying to push Tony out.  

"'Tori I'm so sorry about your family what can I do."

"You can bury them for me, and by the way call my PhrostByte.  Tori died in the accident.  I'll still bring your data too you, but these two are mine I claim them, and Tony one person was behind this, lil Johnny.  He's mine too, as well as every dime he owns.  I need it to figure these changes out."
While the phone is still pointed to the goons I encase them completely in ice.  If the cold doesn't kill them lack of oxygen will.  Now to find Johnny.

I turn the phone around to let Tony see what I look like.  Johnny's handiwork.

"'Tori, I know you're still there Johnny's my only son"

Pointing the phone to each of my dead family members inside the car they were about to burn, I scream, "That was my family!!!  I don't have one anymore!!!!!!  I'm sorry these are non negotiable terms for me.  I want lil Johnny.  Where is he?"

"He's at his apartment, i'll text the address to that phone.  Please don't make him suffer"

"He has a computer there?"


"Then meet me there in 4 hours.  If he moves i want to know about it."

She thinks call end and it does.  Boy this is interesting the way this phone reacts cant wait till i get to a computer or a network.  Watch out world.  As she flies to the address she receives.  She makes good time, she's not too fast but makes it there in 3 hours instead of 4.

Freezing the deadbolt on the door allows her to gain access quickly but not quietly.  Lil Johnny stands in the middle of the room in a towel.  He's wet from the shower.  

"Halloween's over", he snarls at me.

"Johnny Johnny Johnny, you had my family killed today for data on a laptop I'd've probably naively  given it too you,  but you made me and killed my family then tried to burn them.  They deserve a decent funeral and you're dad's decent enough he will provide it.  But you had to kill them and cause me to become this, and those are crimes I just cant forgive."

I walk over put my right hand on his chest where his heart is and WHAM his heart is frozen solid, he drops to the floor.  No muss no fuss.

I find a computer and a tablet i begin working on stripping Johnny's accounts of every penny and putting them in Numbered Swiss accounts, Cayman Island accounts, and even a few to Dubai.  In total my new worth of course under an alternate name is close to 30,000,000.  I didn't realize it was that much.  I'll be able to set up training places all over the world.  

"I see you've already taken care of Johnny and his money" TOny says as he enters.

"Yes and a few legal issues.  You''ll need this to claim the bodies.  You can handle burying them nicely instead of barbecuing them right.

'Of course they'll get the same treatment as my boy, maybe a little better.  As for his money..."

"I've already moved it.  Don't worry just his.  I point to the screen to show him his data.  "you're money is safe and sound Tony.  You've been honest with me about everything but the part about your a mobster, I might have passed 0n the job and my family would still be alive, or not.  A friend is what I hope I've become.  But I need one more favor.  I need a place to crash and I can'[t do it here."

"I got a place friend, perfect with a pc couple a tablets all you need with wifi"

"sounds great can we take your car"

4 days later
It's my family's funeral and it's been a beautiful one like Tony promised.  I sat in the back as far away from everyone as possible hidden in a big black hat pulled over my face, Long black slacks, and a suit jacket that covers all the way to the gloves I'm wearing.  Tony noticed me and gave me the nod.  I guess all is going all right.  At the gravesite I stand even further away from the crowd.  Once they all leave I walk over to the graves and leave a small ice sculpture in the shape of a rose on each.  I can't stop crying.

"I promise you, my babies, my love , my life.  I'm going to stop criminals from doing this to others.  I'm going to help people in trouble.  No more killing, I promise. "

I fly off, into the cold morning air heading south towards one of 30 safe houses I bought last night ready to test my abilities to the limit, and starting my life as PhrostByte

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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

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In reply to this post by Brain Chef
Posted here as well, for your entertainment, a segment of history from my personal superhero universe, the Omegaverse. This speech accelerated the creation of the United States government's action to form a department solely dedicated to superheroes: the Department of Superhuman Activities, or DSA.


Not all stories involve heroes. Some involve the human world that the heroes serve and protect. This human world, much larger than the heroes themselves, is the foundation of every story, often forgotten in the crush of superpowered threats. This was the case in 1966 with the Cold War in full swing when United States House Representative Jack Wygert of Oklahoma made this notable speech on the House floor:

"Members of the House, it is a truth that we are all Americans and dedicated to the present and future strength of this country. Yet the foundations of this and of our American exceptionalism is a belief that we are compelled to be the better human beings, and it is our very human virtue as thriving individuals that is the foundation of our finest institutions of society.

"Yet today, there is a threat among us, and an unexpected threat. Since World War II, there have been an increasing number of beings that possess powers far, far in excess of ordinary men. Until now, many have fought, and some have died, like our soldiers, in defense of this country. Some still stake themselves to this noblest of aims. Yet a disturbing number have chosen the path of the vigilante, apart from the due process of law and order. As such, these beings threaten the very bedrock of the rights and protections of our society.

"Acting beneath masks, ostensibly for the protection of their identities and loved ones, these 'superheroes' claim to defend our truths, our sense of justice, and the unique belief in an American Way. Yet many do this outside and above the law, dispensing judgement instead of due process of law, brutality instead of enforcement, vengeance instead of justice. We cannot place such automatic trust in masked men.

"I propose on this floor today that these 'superheroes' be held to the same standards as our law enforcement officers, because these humans, these people, these citizens are expected to be our society's finest representatives and, likewise, full representatives of both our laws and the proper due process necessary to the enforcement of justice within a court of law. As such, I propose a law today to demand the registration of all those who carry out these law enforcement duties.

"There are far more compelling reasons for these individuals to be identified and brought to the same standards under law. Issues far more important than the obvious need for the public and the government that represents it to have utter confidence in the transparency of who these heroes really are.

"There must be transparency to our government and to our people. Superheroes and their foes change costumes often to present themselves as icons. As such, it becomes difficult or impossible to know who is behind the mask. What is to stop a villain from masquerading as a hero, gaining the public trust and then betraying it? What is to stop a foreign national, or anyone for that matter, from gathering that sort of trust from our institutions in order to damage them from within?

"There must be a consistency of the enforcement of laws. Many of these vigilantes have no place disseminating their vengeance on our streets. They interfere with the investigations of law enforcement officials. They do not collect evidence that our courts can use to prosecute the criminals they bring to our police. They do not treat suspects with the protections demanded by the Miranda rights so recently enshrined into United States law following the Supreme Court decision this very year.

"There must be accountability to those laws. It is extremely difficult at present to prosecute a superhero that breaks a law without revealing their identity, and we must be able to maintain federal, state and local laws for these people. This enforcement against a superhero's actions, even with the most noble of intentions, is inevitable, and cannot be done if these people cannot be identified. Worse, enforcement of law is impossible with a shadowy code of vengeance by the vigilantes that stalk our streets under cover of night.

"There must be a necessary monitoring and control of the powers present within these superheroes. In some cases, these powers can meet or exceed the total nuclear armament of the United States and of the Soviet Union. Combined. These powers, even in moderate cases, are atomic level weapons that no single man can nor should be responsible with without monitoring, assistance and training in their use. Assistance with management of those powers is necessary also for superpowered criminals within our justice system. The reason is simple: should these powers destabilize or pose a threat to the beings that wield them, we must in good faith be able to identify health risks to both those with powers and to those they come into contact with.

"In short, no superhero, no human being rises above the law nor supersedes it, no matter how desperate the need, no matter how immediate the threat. We would betray our duties to our people, the American people, to the world itself, to toss due process of law and the organization of humanity into vapor at the behest of a superpowered class of people. Doing so relegates all ordinary men and all the resources of our civilization that we have built to the fringes of humanity, subject to these powers who walk among us. Human civilization must remain the dominant force for our future. Allowing superheroes to act solely on their own conscience is a risk too great and too broad for our country, for any country to withstand."
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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

In reply to this post by Brain Chef

Today I'm going to share another original character from the original comic book universe I created: Captain Justice.

Most superheroes are uncomfortable around Captain Justice, partially because they think his outlook can't be real, partially because they're not sure *he* is. Captain Justice appears in black and white. Literally. From his slate gray colored hair to his light gray skin, his features don't show a hint of color. He wears a dark gray domino mask, the same shade as his featureless cape, foldover forearm gloves and calf high boots, briefs, and the symbol of a Parthenon type building on his otherwise full length light gray unitard. In full, he appears as if he's stepped out of an old black and white TV set.

The truth is very close. Far, far away from the real life battles of the superhero world, in a sickbed of a veterans' hospital, lies Frank McCallum, one of the last veterans of World War II. In his rare, awake and lucid moments, he fondly watches his memories and his collection of tapes of a little known fictional hero created in the very black and white 1950s... Captain Justice. This television program was an extension of a mildly popular and mostly forgotten radio program in World War II, which was created as inspiration for the troops and as a distraction for the Allies' enemies while America lagged in the superhero field compared to heroes like England's Lion Rampant, Gendarme in the French Resistance, and Swastika of their Nazi foes. During the 1950s, in preparation for the intentional creation of nationalistic superheroes as icons of the Cold War, Captain Justice was a psychological bridge from the Golden Eagles war plane squadron to the EAGLE armored rocket suit of the 1960s. Idealistic, square jawed, patriotically righteous and bold, his run was only mildly successful in an America tired of war.

But Frank McCallum loved him. Year upon year, decade after decade, Frank studied the show, all 36 television episodes of it and all its radio tapes. As he aged and his body slowed, he, like Captain Justice, was forgotten and quietly tucked away by age and happenstance.

But power doesn't always come to the young, able bodied, or even the aware. By day and by night, while Frank McCallum sleeps, his powers project into the real world in the form of his boyhood hero, and Captain Justice becomes his living dream, walking the real world and fighting crime in the same bold, certain and righteous way of a man born of a different time.

As a being of pure if solidified psychic energy, it is easy for Captain Justice to fly, deliver physical blows and ward them off, including bullets (yet paradoxically ducking thrown objects, as the actor did in the show), as Captain Justice, being a construct and not alive, simply does not feel pain. As Frank McCallum dreams, Captain Justice lives.

Yet the construct, being created over and over with the same rules and mindset, is no longer playing solely by Frank McCallum's memory or instincts. Captain Justice is starting to grow, interacting with the world not in the worryingly rigid strictures of the 1950s character,but is waking up to a broader world, wondering who and what he *really* is... and Frank McCallum reads the papers, worrying about the changes to his boyhood dream.

What happens when a hero realizes that he is not what he seems in a modern world that he's just beginning to see? Tune in next time to this programme... to find out.
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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

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Today I'm going to share an original if minor superhero I created from my old comic book universe, called the Omegaverse: Roostertail.

The current Roostertail, Shanna Deitz, is actually the second in the line of these acquatic heroes. Born in Ashtabula, Ohio, Shanna Deitz was denied entry into top level swimming competitions once her powers were discovered. Shanna Deitz went public after a long period of self pity, overcoming it by taking on the job of patrolling the coastlines of eastern North America, and the Great Lakes in particular, making her as much a Canadian fixture as American.

The identity of the original Roostertail is subject to some debate. Some believe that the original Roostertail is Shanna Deitz' biological father because of a supposed family resemblance, but others believe that Roostertail I is completely unrelated because of the different and very limited power set, rendering the original Roostertail's exploits as somewhat of an embarrassment.

Roostertail II's trademark comes from the arc of water that sprays from the kicking of her legs while she swims, resembling the "roostertail" of a speedboat. On land, her powerful legs can deliver vicious kicks, and increase her running speed, making her a minor league speedster as well as a capable low level scrapper in hand to hand combat. Much like characters in fighting games, her fast twitch leg speeds can land multiple kicks on an opponent in quick succession.

In the water, however, is where Roostertail really shines. Capable of speedboat type speeds, Roostertail can propel herself out of the water at those same speeds and fluidly transition to land speed, even on sand. While she can also leap from a standing position on land up to almost twenty feet in height, she can breach much higher if propelling herself from deep water, able to land on the main deck of military ships at sea. Roostertail also has the ability to hold her breath underwater for a very long time, comparable to a dolphin, but she cannot breathe underwater, and so her activities are performed mostly on the surface of water, just beneath, or close by.

Roostertail has a striking uniform. Fire engine red from the feathery looking padded shoulders on her royal blue, form fitting unitard, blending into broad red stripes down the sides, the legs split into red on the outside halves, blue on the inner halves. A red, pointed, italicized R is emblazoned dead center on her chest. Her costume's most striking feature is the helmet, which has a light blue visor to protect her eyes under high speed water and a series of backswept, curved red spines laid all the way back to the bottom of the helmet, matched by a gradually shrinking set down the center of the back of the costume.

As a superheroine, Roostertail is awkward, both because of her limited range of operations and the inheritance of a clearly male sounding moniker. Yet Roostertail has one of the bubbliest, optimistic personalities. Though naive and a bit idealistic, Roostertail is a breath of fresh air in a superheroic world full of hyperserious and politicized crisis, and many an experienced hero has been won over by her focus on the ordinary person on the waterways and the shorelines she has chosen to patrol and protect.
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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

The Inkling
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Ice Ray Academy: Magical Institute origin story character Aphrael the Fae Child Goddess

The universe has always been in motion. From beyond time eternal until the unknown time eons in the future when it shall end and others take its place.

On one such planet primitive civilizations did exist on many but not all of the continents. Over the centuries as civilizations grew in power and overthrew others for land wealth and dominance of the natives, some deities of these civilizations in turn were either banished and died out when all their worshippers were slain or grew stronger as their base of worshippers grew. Others though had different paths they followed and this is Aphrael's story.

(The following is taken verbatim from my original rp series Ice Ray Academy from he story "Shadow of the Future Part 1"which was the last online story that I and the cowriters who chose to write it completed before Superhero City, Age of Champions and Supreme Heroes were killed off by EA in an act of nihilism none will ever forgive them for to their dying destructive breath.)

"Thank you Sephrenia," the goddess said trying to help her feel relaxed. "I knew this day was going to come eventually in regards to my physical health but alas some things are foreordained eternally. Simply put, my current avatar form (body) is nearing the end of its life expediency and when that time comes for me to create a new one, until it is finished, I will be unable to be contacted via any form of communication. In other words, I am slowly begining to die of old age physically. But before that time comes I need to tell you all the nature of the new evil beseiging your academy as well as make.."arrangements" for a new "vessel" to hold my essence until my new body is completed."

"Long ago when planeswalkers first came to this planet millennium before Supreme Hero City was even a far off distant dream, not all of them were good ones. Truthfully, there were those who desired nothing more then to enslave humanity and use this planet to rule their sinister agendas from. But the good ones in that ancient period of time banded together and put a magical barrier into place that shielded this planet from them for a very long time and in doing so, they enabled humanity to grow into the many ancient to present civilizations known today. However, one of these evil walkers decided that he would devote his life to finding a way to break that magical seal and claim Earth for his own. His name is known as ????? ????? and he is one of the most powerfully evil walkers still alive today."

"When I was created to be a Goddess to the Styric people long ago, the Gods and Goddesses of Earth had no idea at the time that Planeswalkers even existed for you see, even back then they had the magical ability to fully shroud themselves from deities of this world and this was done to prevent us from knowing of their existence. But that time of peaceful unawares was soon going to end in an awful way. A minor deity of my race was accidentally discovered by one of these evil walkers and was brutally murdered and then not only were their memories erased from their avatar shell and their soul seemingly scattered forever, but this walker created a new avatar for them based on this innocent victim and used this form to begin corrupting Earth's Gods to become more evil then ever they were before."

"For many centuries this walker went unknown among the councils of the the different Gods of Earth's races until one day the spirit of its murdered victim long ago was found to have reincarnated and in that instant all became aware she had been murdered. You see, that was my very first reincarnation."

"The anniversary of my original death soon approaches in this millennium and as it does my current avatar will become weaker. Beware for ????? ????? seeks to destroy me again fully and wreak chaos and destruction on this planet and all of its inhabitants. He must be stopped but you must be careful for he has long been able to read my every thought since he first killed my original form." With that Aphrael slowly fell into a deeper coma...*

All info other then this redacted permanently except for those with permission from this rper to know it.
ID: 11292 AphraeltheFaeChildGoddessofInnocence sacrificed herself to fully defeat Drochah. She will never be able to be reincarnated ever again. Back to rping in group chats however not too often due to mental issues (imagination under strict recovery orders.) Still playing Heroes Rising though.
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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

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The Amazing Amalgam

We've been many people, in many places, over many years. So many, none of us can remember who we were, before we were possessed by the Demon... if that's what he was. He consumed our bodies, our souls, our memories, until there was nothing of us left, not really. But, as he raided towns, cities, even whole Planets, to increase his power, as he did with us, he drew attention. Heroes began to oppose him, and some joined us in destruction. Some wounded our Captor, some imprisoned him... and, eventually, one destroyed the Monster. We were left in possession of it's body, capable of assuming any appearance, capable of learning any weapon or skill, of wielding any power... but only barely. We have become an Amalgam of the remnants of who we were, and we will not permit this to happen again...
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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

Krystal Fae (Acidburn)
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The full origin of Acidburn would fill several volumes, which will appear in these forums later, but suffice it to say that she originated in a dimension now lost to the Nexus of the Multiverse...

She was unknowingly the child of an exiled fae of Royal blood on her father's line, a direct descendant of the wizard know to us as Merlin on her mothers' and had her abilities activated by an accident.

Some of those who will appear in this tale are no longer with us, having remained in the dimension which was lost, some moved on to other realms, but there remain a precious few who have made it to this place as well...

She's not the strongest...she's not the fastest... but she might be the smartest, and she is definitely the most determined... She might just be the hero we need.

So settle back and grab some popcorn...

A Little Tale Overheard @ Starbuck's

Pink was sitting at her usual table in Starbuck's, enjoying a double-shot espresso and a large tray of bearclaws when she noticed that one of the many "new kids" (rookie supers) had wandered in through
the door with a somewhat dazed expression.

The rookie quietly ordered a mocha latte from the barista and moved to the last empty table which was nearby. "At least this one has decent taste in coffee." thought Pink to herself, while sipping her own

About this time the Angelic Rogue stopped into the same shop after completing her own patrol, ordered a vanilla cappuccino and since all the tables were now taken, asked Pink if she could join her.
 "Go ahead." Pink said with her usual expression.

A few moments passed as the Rogue scanned the other patrons and sipped from her cup, then she noticed the rookie at the table nearby.

She said quietly to Pink, "I do believe that one would jump a mile if startled by a loud noise.", gesturing with her chin towards the rookie.

Pink looked in that direction again and murmured, "Yeah, you're probably right."

Rogue said quietly, "Maybe we should speak to her, help her calm down."

Both of the veteran heroes reached a decision at the same moment, stood and moved to the rookies' table. The Rogue gently touched the young woman's shoulder. The rookie startled slightly.

 "Is everything alright?", the Rogue gently asked. Pink leaned with her hand on the back of one of the chairs.

"W-with all t-that's happened r-recently I d-don't know w-where to b-begin...", the rookie stuttered.

"At the beginning is usually a good place.", Pink said, as she pulled out the seat and sat down. The Rogue signaled the barista for 3 more coffees and followed suit.

The rookie drew a deep breath, perhaps the first in a few weeks; settled herself, took a moment to arrange her thoughts, and began.

"Well... It all began while I was analyzing a "xeno-biological" sample in my lab at the University, for NASA. The electron microscope I was using developed a "spontaneous, catastrophic" vacuum leak, at least that's what they told me later, and it exploded in my face.", she said.

"As I regained consciousness in the ICU, I realized that I had strange tingling sensations around my hands and arms, and as I recovered, also discovered that the equipment being used to monitor my
condition kept 'mysteriously' overloading.", she continued after a moment.

She took a short sip of her refill and continued.

"Once released, I conducted a few tests of my own and discovered that I had been exposed to whatever the hell that sample actually was; it was infused into my DNA.", she said.

 "Over the next few weeks even stranger things began to happen; as I hid in my apartment, I began to develop other 'symptoms,'  Then, I woke up one morning actually hovering above the surface of my bed.", she continued.

"I soon found after a little practice & using some meditation techniques, I could control the 'symptoms' of this 'condition.'

 She closed her eyes for a moment and the slight electrical nimbus around her hands died down.

She sipped her latte, took a deep breath, and continued.

"As my strength, dexterity and new abilities continued to grow, I knew that it would be a nearly impossible task to fit in & to remain at the university, but where could I go and not feel like the proverbial sore thumb?", she said.

"So when the news began reporting the 'meta-human' wave of crime sprees here in Super Hero City, I decided to help out where I could...and to begin a new life in a place where my 'differences' would help me fit in.", she said.

"Then once I got here... the street fights...the arena battles my new colleagues at work suggested... some sort of war between groups of supers which I was talked into joining...", she mused with a slightly
puzzled expression.

"Whew, I'd never sat down and put it into perspective like that before... I mean what with everything that's happened and all...Well, Thank you, both.", she said looking from one to the other.

Rising from her chair, she handed each a card that read "Acidburn, SHC" and a
beeper number.

"I doubt either of you would ever need my help, but if you should, it's yours for the asking.",she said, turned and strode ever more confidently to the door, turned again and waved at the two veteran heroes,  and took flight in the direction of midtown.

"That was strange.", said Pink, as she picked up her coffee and moved back to her favorite table. Rogue nodded and remained at the now otherwise empty one...

..."Well," thought Acidburn, "they both seem nicer than some of the rumors I've heard make them sound. But, of course, with rumors you have to consider the source... at least I think I could get some sleep
tonight, since they helped settle my mind."

A short time later, she landed in the alley behind a small brownstone and wearily made her way up the 6 flights of steps to her small apartment. After a quick shower, a small glass of white wine, and a piece of her 'emergency' chocolate (funny, how there seems to be an emergency every night, she thought), she settled into her cozy quilt and read until she dozed off.

We'll get more of the story in their own thread later, but that's how it starts...
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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

IDENTITY: Guardian
LEGAL STATUS: Resurrected
GROUP AFFILIATION: Spawn Corps (Originally), Legacy of Spawn

TYPE: Argusian
HEIGHT: 5 ft, 9 in
WEIGHT: 160 pds
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blonde
AGE: 25

Energy Blasts
Robotic Arms (Added)
Originally from Argus and found by Headache to lead his new recruits of the Spawn Corps in defense of Superhero City before it was destroyed by the last great battle.

Now awakened and found to have lost his arms and having them replaced by cybernetics which now enhance his energy blasts he has taken up the call once more to defend this new city he finds himself in.  During his wanderings he has discovered that his great leader fell and in memorial of Headache he has re-established the Corps and now calls them The Legacy of Spawn in honor of the fallen.

Now actively searching to bring others to the fray to continue on in justice.

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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

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I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.    I will not steal friends milk money to buy morphons.   I will not steal fr...
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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

Snakes... Why does it always have to be snakes? :D

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Re: Post your stories in this forum!

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Thomas Jonathan Jackson who was named for the man who taught his many times Great Grandfather to read and write when it could have meant his death was working in a genetics lab when he was exposed to material which boosted his strength and other abilities. Taking the Name "Stonewall Jackson" he decided to help those under attack by bullies and tyrants.
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Penguin X Reborn Re: Post your stories in this forum!

Penguin X
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He awoke in a courtyard, his ears were ringing, his head still foggy. A dark-skinned man appeared in the doorway, "¿estás enfermo? - Are you ill?", he asked. The pale man with the black hair shook his head and answered, "necesito agua."

"que camino es el mar?", Which way is the sea?, he asked.

The dark-skinned man pointed across the courtyard to an ornate gate.
"No está lejos. - not far"

The pale man stood up and stumbled toward the gate. He grabbed the jug of chicha that was sitting on a bench, brushed his long black hair from in front of his face and took a long pull off of the jug. He opened the gate and stepped through, his boots crunching on the short rocky sand beach that lead down to the murky green water that is the Strait of Magellan. The dark-skinned man was at the gate now, a smile on his face.

"Buena suerte El Pinguino! Buena suerte!"

The pale man took one more pull off the jug of chicha and then dropped on the sand. He raised his hand to acknowledge the man at the gate as he entered the water. He knew where he was now, a place he sometimes called home. Terra Del Fuego, Chile. A place he sometimes called home.

Taking a deep breath he trumpets a mighty, "HONK!", before he slips below the water's surface.

Using his preternatural abilities he is driven ever northward by broken memories of a past reality that no longer exists... or does it.

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Re: Penguin X Reborn Re: Post your stories in this forum!

Space Ape
Good job! What's your ID?