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    Astra looked confused by what EB said, "Wait, how can you say no one can see the future?  You know my mom sees the future all the time."

    "Technically what he stated is true," Futurina said.  "Precognition isn't actually seeing the future.  It's seeing possible futures.  The future is not written in stone.  That's why I can warn people and change events to a more positive conclusion."

    EB nodded, "Admit it, you love me."  He hopped over to Futurina.   She reached down and mussed his fur.  

    "So how long have you known her?" Astra asked

    "Oh, no you don't," EB scowled, "I won't reveal that secret.  Have you ever seen her angry?  How many centuries did you hold that grudge against Santa?"  Futurina smiled at that.

    "No one ever said you were stupid, EB.  That's why I have never taken action against you," Futurina confirmed.  

    "So, is she a Mythic?" Astra asked.

    "Heavens, no!" EB exclaimed.  "We Mythics use magic.  You know she doesn't have magic.  It doesn't even work on her.  She is an elf with an odd mutation, nothing more and nothing less."

    "We'll just leave my age a mystery," Futurina stated.
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