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Rebirth from a Hero

  Life is a funny thing...
So much has happened these last few years.  The last battle of SHC nearly killed this Super. I am not the Clark Kent I once was and I'm not even mad about it. This story isn't  a hero story it's a redemption story.  Let's start just before the last stand of the city.
   There he is,  strong... Proud and full of hope.  Recycle loved his City and helped all that he could. As the idealist he was he knew that crime and pain would stop as long as the Hero was in the skies.  He was apart of a group,  though some had questionable methods,  he loved being part of the team.  
  On a calm winter morning  a sudden alert sounded on his team communicator.  Meeting down town there was no need to debrief because the whole city could look to the sky to see the worry. An invasion! They all as one took to the sky.  The enemy was everywhere. So many coming at the City you could start seeing the fear in the Heroes eyes.  
  Hundreds.. Thousands.. To many to count, but one by one the team eliminated the threats. The battle raged for hours and soon the team began to weaken.  The only thought was the people of the city they needed to be kept safe but with that thought another began to form : at what cost. The team gave all they can but as the swarm gained ground they started to fall. One then another until it was Recycles turn.  It seamed like a hundred aliens came at once and killing all innocent in there path.

It was to much to hold off and the heroes have fallen.  Millions were killed,  it was a massacre.  Recycle clung to life and a few citizens pulled the mangled body to basement near by.  No one should see the carnage they have seen Recycle thought.  The images were haunting. As he screamed in pain the group flopped the body on a table.  In the distance Recycle could hear a man telling him to hold on we are going into to surgery.

  He's awake...
Recycle tried to sit up but couldn't. He looked down in horror,  his arm and legs were gone and with a roar a woman gentle put a hand on his cheek.  It will be OK hero is all he heard before he passed out again.  The next time Recycle woke the room looked deferent.  Computer screens and machines were making noise.  He felt pain no more.  He felt nothing at that moment.  A team of scientist entered the room but he couldn't move.  Images flashed of friends being ripped apart and citizens bloody and crushed. The team looked up and down as the head scientist began to talk, it was the woman before.  She explained that he was fixed.  He was saved by cybernetics.  All his limbs were replaced. His blood was replaced with nanotechnology. All that was him is now gone,  all but his mind.  A mind now rocked with all the pain of the destruction.
 It took months to recover and get used to this artificial body but when done he was a new man stronger and more powerful then ever.

  That was the moment I was born.  I was not the same person anymore.  That idealistic Hero died with so many that tragic day.  I see the pain of others every moment and images of Gore brought on by the most evil of beings.  My friends are gone and I now fight alone.  Never will earth feel vulnerable again.  I am stronger and more powerful then ever.  I will stop evil with no mercy and full of vengeance and with the visions of all that destruction I will let it fuel me...
I am not a Hero..  I am Nome a celebrity..  I am  not your savior...
I am....
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