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SQ's Halloween Competition - Quack Kong - Chaoren #26465

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It was Chaoren's first time patrolling the street as a hero for Halloween.  While he was thinking that he would mostly be watching over kids out trick-or-treating, he was warned that things can get a bit strange on Halloween.

When he saw the first flock of ducks, he thought nothing of it.  Birds flock together, especially this time of year when preparing to fly south to escape the cold.  Granted, the flock was heading east, not south, but still nothing strange.

When he saw the toy ducks from the toy store rolling down the street in a flock, then he started to think perhaps something odd was going on, so he followed them.  They were joined by a carousel duck, hopping along on its pole, and a duck-shaped mini-boat from a water ride.  A swarm of rubber duckies, some still covered with soap bubbles, and a number of duck water floats and duck bounding balls dragged in to join the flock.

As they headed east, they joined with other flocks, including a small flock of kids in duck suits or even pajamas with ducks on them.  

He realizes he needs to find out what is going on and stop it before those kids (who are seemingly entranced) get hurt.  He takes to the air and flies ahead, following the flocks of flying real ducks.

Chaoren's keen senses soon show him that the flocks are merging together...not in the sense of becoming a single flock, but in the sense of becoming a single enormous duck.

He does not know what is going on, but he needs to get things back to normal before the children wind up merged into the duck.  Hopefully, there are none merged in already.

He tries a number of attacks powers.  but the super-thick feathers of the creature he mentally dubs DucK Kong deflect Ice Age harmlessly and are only mildly singed by Dragon Breath.  He tries dazzling it with Inner Light, but with its eyes so widely spaced, he can only dazzle one at a time.  He tries reducing it with a Shrink Ray, but with more ducks joining in, it is able to maintain its size.

He can only think of one strategy that might work, or it might get him killed.  He flies directly towards it, and as he gets close he curls into a ball.  This costs him his propulsion but does leave him lighter than air, so he drifts along on inertia.  Duck Kong reacts like a normal duck, seeing something bite-sized flying slowly towards it, it grabs it out of the ait with its bill and swallows it.

Chaoren is quickly taken down the neck into the crop, where titanic forces buffet him.  The monstrous muscles of the crop pushing boulder-sized grinding stones against him.  He uses his Prismatic Shield to reduce the force so his Augmented Strength can clear a path, he needs to get deeper.

He forces his way into the stomach, where he needs to be.  He then combines his powers, using Burning Hell Touched, Extra Firey, Divine Fire...and Induce Symptom.  He is going to give Duck Kong the worst case of Heartburn in history.

Spasms wrack Duck Kong as it tries to regurgitate the contents of its stomach.  Finally, the contractions are so fierce it rips the giant amalgamated duck apart.  

Chaoren's N-dimensional senses lead him to the center that is drawing all the ducks together, a single duck egg.  No normal egg, he can sense the supernatural demonic spirit within, a Koshchei hides its spirit within a seemingly normal duck egg so that it can survive the death of its physical body.  This one apparently decided to try something new.  Using Praxis Arcanum, Chaoren places an enchantment around the egg to contain the power within and flies it away to BADGE for them to figure out.
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