Static Fire (Observations then Surprise)

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Static Fire (Observations then Surprise)

Aflima, Warrior of Fire
"Man, look at that thing," muttered Aflima. Tri-blade and he were analysing a salvaged vessel, checking for any old Legion energy signatures when they heard the creaking of metal in the distance. After reaching a point where their view was more clear, they quietly observed as the enormous structure that once hosted a League War tournament was pulled out of the ocean by an unknown force.

Other items, some large as ships, also emerged and linked with the larger entity.

"I'd better call in Closer," said Tri-blade as he opened his comms.

AflimaAflima took flight and slowly hovered towards the structure, not willing to disturb whatever or whoever was conjuring this bizarre entity. Suddenly, from another angle, he glimpsed a figure in the distance hovering quickly towards it. Behind it was a larger figure, more sinister in appearance.

"I didn't know Krampus could fly," he said to himself as he returned to his friend.

Tri-blade put his hand on Aflima's shoulder. "The others will be here shortly. I've also pinged BADGE. I expect we'll need to do some recon, but I think we have to be prepared for literally anything."

"If it's Krampus and that Red Woman, the one they called Lady Phoenix,... this may require more than just the 5th's forces and whoever BADGE dispatches on the fly," replied Aflima. He turned to look at the structure, now hovering silently in the air. Hunks of debris continued to attach and form around the behemoth. "I can observe from up high, at least."

"Good. Take your time, don't do anything rash."

Aflima nodded then thrust his arms downwards, as he flew straight up in the air.


Aflima didn't have binoculars of his own nor did he have any form of telescopic vision, but he could see well enough the enormity of the developed stadia and related objects.

He dared to risk approaching it from above, but only slightly. There was something a bit unusual about a particular section...

"Is that a freaking throne?" he asked nobody in particular.

The woman - Aflima was now certain of it - walked at a leisurely, yet assured pace, a large confident stride in her step. She approached the stairwell leading to the throne and in little time seated herself on it.

Aflima waited, unwilling to take further action at this time.

He saw another figure - Krampus, no doubt - approach. When Krampus was telekinetically hurled across the arena, Aflima couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

He looked slighty ahead and saw that the 5th had arrived in force.

"Wait," came a voice in his ear.

"Ten-four, Tri. Still observing," said Aflima.

He looked down and saw several heroes launch themselves only to be intercepted by Krampus. The 5th's team regrouped quickly and attacked in a co-ordinated fashion.

However, even as the heroes appeared to gain the upper hand, Krampus grew in size and overwhelmed the lot of them.

Aflima's hands glowed, the fire forming quickly around each. He wasn't going to stand still any longer...

Lady Phoenix's rapid wave of energy nearly caught Aflima by surprise, only the benefit of distance gave him time to deflect the shock. He was lucky to avoid the sudden rain of firey energy from above, and was now on high alert. The power he just witnessed was off the charts.

Aflima dived, but was immediately held in place by an unknown force.

"How... did... she..."

Aflima helplessly watched as his friends and allies were unceremoniously flung out of the arena.

Then, he saw the woman look at him. Her eyes were piercing. She smirked.

With a twist of her fingers, Aflima's body was sent spiralling away.

As he descended to the ocean, his abilities ineffective, he started to scream.

* Aflima, Warrior of Fire - ID 10898 *