The Great Slap Fight of LW10 - StarForce: JL vs. MacGregors

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The Great Slap Fight of LW10 - StarForce: JL vs. MacGregors

The two teams stood in a line facing each other.  The Star Force Junior: Junior League and the MacGregors stared intently at each other.  Above them, the night sky shone bright through the great dome of the Arena in space. Neither side blinked.  Neither side dared twitch.

A tumbleweed blew between the teams.

Now everyone blinked, and slowly turned and looked at Angelus of MacGregors.  He smiled sheepishly and tipped his cowboy hat. "Sorry.  It isn't like I control my western powers.  Y'all can't deny it certainly needed a tumbleweed though, right?"

From the Junior League, Madam Marvelous stifled a giggle, covering it with her hand. The two teams began to smile and chuckle, stepping forward to give handshakes to the other teams and say Hello.  
Jeetaur and Isfet stood arm in arm with each other as they greeted everyone.  Angelus was loud and boistrous, already telling tales of amazing sharp shooting skills.  Aisy was scanning the audience, no doubt lookig for Lykos, while also trying to say hi and shake hands. The large android MechaOgre just stood there, staring straight ahead. Some began to wonder if he was even turned on but Wulfrik, leader of the MacGregors, assured them all he was.

The two teams were called to attention be the sound of someone clearing their throat, to see Starmaster standing by a table a few feet away.  Everyone was pretty sure, neither he nor the table were there a few moments ago.

He again cleared his throat and stepped forward to explain the rules.

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Re: The Great Slap Fight of LW10 - StarForce: JL vs. MacGregors

Madam Marvelous
"Ok, people. We're here to have a good bit of fun. As most people have seemed to have forgotten, League Wars was begun to allow our heroes to train in their powers so they would be better prepared to fight the Legion should they return. Controlled conflict in order to promote growth and preparedness from our world's heroes. Somehow, the focus has swayed to winning and brand-building than the overall betterment of our world's defenders." Starmaster said to the collected leagues and watching crowd.

Madam Marvelous leaned closer to Geomaniac and whispered, "Did anyone else know there was going to be a speech?"

Geomaniac shook her head, but remained attentive to Starmaster's presentation.

"The goal here is to promote the goal of leagues working together, for the greater good. A few days ago, we saw an example of how the worst type of behavior diminishes our efforts. Let this battle bring us closer to the true benefit of league wars. Angelus. Madam Marvelous. Please step forward and face one another. Since the two of you approached me with this idea, it is only fair the first match goes between the two of you." Starmaster motioned to two circles light that appeared in the center of the battlefield. "The rules are simple. One slap each, but you have to make each slap count. No fake stage slaps or grandma pats on the cheek. We want to hear the crack of the strike and red cheeks flaring."

The two named heroes stepped into position, staring one another down. Each was within arm's reach of the other. Angelus raised an eyebrow and spat to one side. "Didn't think we'd ever be facing one another like this, Kitt'n."

"Me either. I'm sorry if I hurt you." Madam Marvelous bowed her head to Angelus, acknowledging her respect for her friend. "But its for the best."

"And I'll thank ye for it, darlin'," Angelus tipped his hat to her. "Ladies first."

The day before...

After Round One of League War 10, Angelus and Madam Marvelous walked the concourse of the Stellar Arena, sharing stories of their exploits since last being together on the BADGE space station when they last met.

"I appreciated joining Lothlorien as you suggested for League War 9, but they weren't my cup of tea," Madam Marvelous said. "Nice people, those of them that were alive and all, but they didn't seem to want to be heroes as much as I did. They just wanted to cruise when I wanted to soar. Does that make any sense?"

"Surely it does, Kitt'n," Angelus responded. His spurs rang out with each step he took on the metallic floor. "So you're with the Star Force Junior League this war. They did well last time out of the corral. Won them a gold. We're actually going to be facing you all down next round I hear."

"Really?!" Madam Marvelous was surprised. She hadn't seen the latest round assignments yet. "How are the MacGregors looking this time?"

"Well, look at that pretty lil' sunset out there. Maybe later we can come sit and watch the Northern Lights dance on top of the world like a crown of green grass blown by the solar winds..." Angelus mused.

"You're avoiding my question, cowpoke. Give me the T," Madam Marvelous prodded her companion like a stablehand guiding a ornery bull out of its pen. She also secretly enjoyed using modern euphanisms to baffle her western-influenced friend. "Let's have a Kiki."

"T? Kiki? Whose teaching y'all to chew the fat these days? Sounds like some blasted Australians talkin' bout herding kangaroo's or some fool thing." Angelus moved to an observation platform and watched as the sun disappeared behind the earth, creating a pinpoint diamond flickering in the sky before it finally faded from view. "Honestly, we're trying our best, but some of my folks are out of their league, pardon the pun. They aren't getting much out of this whole league war experience cause they go down to quick in their fights."

Madam Marvelous nodded her understanding. The Star Force Junior League had just fought NobleGates and didn't even leave a scratch or blemish on their opponents uniforms, but for a few scorch marks left by Wyldfyre's flames. "It's too bad you have to win so many matches before you're recognized as trying. BADGE makes a lot of its rating determinations based on performance in league wars. If you can't win, say eight fights, it's like you walk away with nothing for even trying."

Angelus nodded. "And their trying, sweetheart. Lord knows, their givin' it their all, but against leagues with ... seasons more experience who just camp in their division, what hope do us little guys have?"

The two of them leaned on the metal bar keeping people away from the thick glass of the viewing port. Neither of them knew who had the idea first, but after a few minutes of watching city lights turn on on the planet below, they both realized a solution to the problem.


Madam Marvelous pulled back an arm and swung as hard as she could at Angelus's face. She struck him with all the force she could muster. Her palm connected with his left cheek, sending a sharp crack across the battlefield.

The skin beneath Angelus's stubbled cheek reddened slightly. He worked his jaw, realigning it from her blow. "Nice one, Kitt'n. I'm glad you kept your claws in. My turn."

Bracing herself, Madam Marvelous closed both eyes, not wanting to see his strike coming at her. After what seemed an eternity, which was less than half-a-second in real time, a powerful blow rocked her chin, stinging like a piece of sandpaper ground against the soft skin of her cheek. She winced. "OWWWW. Have you ever heard of moisturizer???"

"Point to Angelus." Starmaster announced. "The battle goes to the MacGregors."

One by one, the members of both leagues stepped up to each member of the opposing team, allowing one another to strike them once across the cheeks. Most handled the blows with cautious anticipation. Geomaniac, a mathematician by day and dominatrix by night, insisted her slaps were to be taken against her left butt cheek rather than her face.

Somehow, her reactions to the blows sounded more satisfied than pained. People on both sides blushed a bright red that matched the growing red handprint revealed where her leather costume had been pulled away as her time receiving slaps progressed.

Once each opponent had the opportunity to strike at their opposing team with numerous blows, they returned to their respective sides.

"It's good to be able to learn not only from striking a foe, but also being able to take a strike to one's self willingly. Well done, leagues. I hope both sides have learned something from this excercise." Starmaster said as he levitated up into the air. "Now, proceed with your matches as you see fit."
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