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The Moirai seek help

Clotho: RBL, we need the options oracle! There is a disturbance in the force. Look at this pitiful aether I have to work with, and this is the best I can find in the chaos between realms.
 This stuff is sticky and elastic. Lachesis can not measure her threads! And you know how Impatient Atropos gets when Lachesis does not work fast enough.
             The Legion is causing havoc with fate. The Tapestry is in tatters. This affects all worlds in the multi-verse. But we have found that this time and place is where we can make a stand and stop the threat,
 This force will destroy all Humans on a planet called earth. We have a plan to fix it, but we need you to buy us time.
 The Legion is sowing the seeds of their own destruction. We don't need long. Slow them down at all costs. Please, for me.
TOO (The Options Oracle) “Yes, My Love I will stop them.
 Clotho: My love, they are very powerful. Be careful. I don't think you can stop them on your own. Our plan is to use evolution to grow the heroes we need from earth itself. But these things take time,
TOO: “I understand, I will buy you the time you need.
Lady Death (LD) appears.
 LD: “RBL, This Legion will add to my power. But they also limit it. Without Life, I cannot add to my power. I cannot help you. They are stronger than you can imagine”. I do not think you can survive the storm.
Mother Nature (Gaia) of Earth appears.
 MN: If they succeed all life will end. I will be a barren lifeless rock. I need you to stop them.
LD: He cannot stop them. No single hero can stop them.
MN: There is always hope.
LD: Hope cannot stand before the Legion.
TOO: I will do my best, regardless of the cost. I will be the storm we need.

The oracle teleports to where the Legion is headquartered.
TOO: Halt! I say! Stop your aggression against this unprepared civilization!

Legion: Bah! We do what we will.  We detect great power in you. You seem worthy. Let us test you.
A lone figure steps out: “ I represent the Finest of the Legion (FL), do you dare test me in battle?”  She says.
TOO: I cannot allow you to slaughter the population of this planet.
 She puts forward a blast of energy. TOO sidesteps it.
FL: Oh, a time hopper. We have seen your like before. You will face the wrath of the entire Legion. Dodge this!
10 Legionaries all fire at random points. There is nowhere to dodge. The hit drops the Oracle to his knees. He fires and takes out a Legionnaire, but the other 9 fire at the same time. His defenses crumble.
 He is fading fast, Instead of defending himself he puts out a call for help to the Other Options Oracles in the multi-verse.
 TOO: Brothers, I need you. I have found a threat on a cosmic level. Once they conquer my universe, they will be coming for you! Consult your Moirai!

 The Legion fires again. Reducing the Oracle to a bit of proto plasma.
 Legion: Hah! He is dead. Earth is now ours for the taking,
Almost as soon as that phrase escapes their lips another Oracle from a nearby multi-verse appears. After an epic battle he too falls followed by another and another.
 In all, over a thousand Oracles died and a million Legion fell until the Guardians stepped in and said “Enough! How many universes do we want to leave vulnerable with a weakened or dead Oracle?  This battle has been successful It bought MN and the Fates the time they needed for Humans to evolve their Heroes. We now enter the new Age of Heroes Rising!”
 (It turns out the protoplasm is a cocoon for the Oracle to re-constitute himself. As he emerges he is very weak, but still a powerful hero. Given time, he will be as powerful as before.)