Villains, Inc Contest Entry: I want to see the Mana-... I mean the Mayor

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Villains, Inc Contest Entry: I want to see the Mana-... I mean the Mayor

Krystal Fae (Acidburn)
Catalyst, aka Mayor CJ, was sitting in his office planning V.I.'s next caper.

He heard a disturbance in the outer office, and silently cracked open the door to investigate.

"Look, young lady,..." said the woman who stood before his secretary's desk.

"... I want to speak to the mana-, ... Mayor.", said the woman.

"Is he expecting you? I don't see an appoint...", said the secretary, as the woman interrupted.

"I am a taxpayer, young woman... Do you know who my husband is?", the woman said, with a smirk.

"I'm afraid I don't... in any case, what is your concern?", the secretary replied.

"It's these trees the city planted on MY block... they are carnivorous. I've personally seen them consume cats, rabbits, and at least one moose (Nevermind why a moose was loose in an upscale neighborhood like mine.) Now, the blasted things have eaten MY poodle... I DEMAND that something be done... I DEMAND that the city repay me for her... I DEMAND these TREES be REMOVED... I DEMAND...", the womans voice rose as she continued.

"I see. The Mayor will be informed of your concern... If that is all, then good day, ma'am.", said the secretary, with finality.

Catalyst thought to himself, "That young lady is a treasure... note to self... increase pay for my secretary... Nah, forget it..."
"I'm NOT LEAVING UNTIL I SEE...", yelled the woman.

"I said 'Good Day", Madam... do I need to call Security?", said the secretary, reaching towards a red button on her intercom.

The woman blanched, spluttered for a few moments, then fled down the corridor.
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