Where was Ice Ray Academy when Lady Phoenix attacked? Contest Entry

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Where was Ice Ray Academy when Lady Phoenix attacked? Contest Entry

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 AphraeltheFaeChildGoddessofInnocenceversion3.0 #11292

Last December the call went out from Director Nova at BADGE warning all those associated with the agency as heroes or vigilantes that the mythic Lady Phoenix not only had suddenly and mysteriously been resurrected, but now she had gone on a rampage with Krampus at her side.

Ice Ray Academy immediately sent its strongest defenders to help protect those who were in immediate danger from this pair of highly dangerous beings. It was not worth it for the Academy to battle both Lady Phoenix and Krampus if it meant innocent lives would be lost as a result from the damage to civilians and so AphraeltheFaeChildGoddessofInnocenceversion3.0 came up with a seemingly desperate strategem.

She decided to use her Morphon powers and took upon herself the injuries of those most severely injured by collateral damage and had the Academy Healer Collette Sackville-Baggs standing by to heal her directly. At the same time she mentally and emotionally reached out to Lady Phoenix to show her that her anger was causing huge amounts of terror and chaos among the unfortunate normal but mortal humans who had no idea why the Sun was beginning to cool down and whose concern were staying alive and to keep providing for their families during what was normally a giving time of the year.

"We all understand that your son the Jinn did awful things including killing you to achieve his dangerous ambitious goals. But Christmas is not only a time of giving and receiving, but it is a time of forgiving the past offences of others and preparing for a brighter future in the year to come." Aphrael mentally pleaded with Lady Phoenix, as in her heart she did not have the determination to fight another mother figure of a race similar to her own that had at one point almost been driven to extinction too from enemies that feared their abilities.

"Has there not been enough death and suffering among humans and Mythics alike this past year while the Legion watches us all fight amongst ourselves as they grow ever stronger? This fighting will only get worse among us all if we can not learn to move on from our painful memories of the past. I too was once killed cruelly by an evil being a very long time ago. I never could find it in my heart to originally forgive them but I eventually realized a bitter truth:  the longer I took to learn to forgive my killer and those who wanted my race dead, the longer I would take to reincarnate originally. Vengeance against those no longer alive is a deadly emotion that hurts everyone. Please, if not for this planet, can you at least stop for the memory of the rest of your race who never were able to survive the Legion as you and the surviving Mythics have?"

"As one goddess to another powerful enough they can be considered a goddess, I can only hope my emotions and memories can help heal your broken heart. Otherwise all this fighting will never let our separate races ever live in peace somehow."*
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