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By Xcentric ID#18056

During the horrendous raid on Las Vegas I got wrapped up in some wild times. I was vacationing in this really wild city gambling, having rum and coke. Just really hitting the jack pots on slots when explosive sounds erupted and sirens began to blare.

Everyone rushing for cover or being daring going outside to find cause of fuss.

I eased out and saw an extraordinary site. A gigantic robot of unknown source was ravaging the city, smashing buildings and firing odd beams causing explosions.

My friendly side kick always around, Fleagle began to howl. I teleported myself and Fleagle to a safer spot.

Noted several Latino gals in their mid to late 20's trapped in an alley. Went to be of aid and got them to safety. They said gracias and asked how to pay back their rescue. They petted Fleagle and hugged me. I told them we would catch up after the raid for some fun time. They agreed. Looking forward to that.
Then noticed more heroes joining in the attacks and rescues. It is really amazing how many showed up, even the lazy Avengers and 5th all concentrating on the fiasco. Even helped rescue some of the less powered heroes.

Civilians are really difficult to deal with as they are so easily confused. Noticed several politicians and debated on rescuing then decided alright life is life. Noticed most were democrats as they kept grabbing chips, coins, and cash with no real interest in fighting or seeking cover.

Now patriots were there with their guns blazing and really putting up a fight. It is nearing the end now and a lot of damage has been done. I am concerned as who will be paying for the repairs and will taxes go up?

Then out of no where I noticed an alley with a glow, inside were representatives, using throttle like controls and pressing buttons. Well that was the kicker, yet another conspiracy to cause a lock down, mass casualties and damage. So now either I am really crazy or just stumbled on another chaotic ploy on economy, health, and treason. I report, you decide.

Ta ta for now.